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So, 10 Bloggers full of youth and endless amount of energy and positive vibes were chosen to do a full coverage of the whole journey of the lucky 20 contestants who emerge to be Finalists in this year's Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2!

Our aim is to spread the F&N Groove to all over the place. To people we know, and from there it'll radiate out further to others be it through online or physically in contact with one another! So in order to start the kick off of our journey, we attended a party at SOUL, being listed as invited guest under F&N! This is such a great honour for each and everone of us there!

Well, spreading the Groove around is not a simple task. With our pure intelligence, we chose to start the ball rolling by joining and attending the party! Party is a place where everyone gets high and bond with one another, spreading the groove while the music blasts in the background. So here we are, embarking this journey at SOUL:

Other than we, the 10 FANTABULOUS Bloggers who were invited, other people such as the Finalists for the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 are also present there as well! Not forgetting the awesome people from F&N itself! Unfortunately, that night only 5 Bloggers were able to turn up. I shall introduce to you the 5 ULTIMATE AWESOME bloggers later :]

We can see lots of people already down at the venue when I arrived! Hey take a look! What are those drinks that these people have on their table?! It looks kinda.....Groovy to me!

So it's the star fo the night!!!!! F&N SPARKLING DRINKS!

Introducing to you people, my Blog Bestie: ANGIE!!! She's such a sweetie!!!!

Like I mentioned, it's a great honour to be invited to this party by F&N! It's kinda exclusive, at least it gives us that kinda feelings! Obviously, all these couldn't have been possible without the invitation from F&N and I would like to thanks F&N and memebers from IMSG!

Anyway I only manage to snap one backshot of Eunice, from IMSG, because she is camera shy! Can you believe it?! Even I a guy, is such a camwhorer!!!! Tsktsk. Cannot luh Eunice! HAHA.

Aiya look at the backview only also know she's a great beauty already right? HAHA.

As the crowd starts to move in and occupy SOUL, Shan and Rozz, the two perfect DJ parteners from 987FM hopped onto the stage to get the crowd moving for the happy groovy night! Just look at the amount of F&N Drinks right in front of the stage!!!! It's making me real thirsty *swallow saliva*

Alright, this is a party, no doubt about it at all. But it will not be qualified as one if there are no games right?! So luckily with these witty DJs on stage, we can be assured that we are gonna have some real fun getting the crowd moving!

And the first game started, which requires the contestants to play the F&N GREAT SHAKEUP GAME with one hand, which was also available back then at the Preliminaries Round at *SCAPE! and with the other hands, they'll have to drink a cup of that Groovy F&N Sparkling Drink while shaking the iPhone vigorously so as to get a higher score and emerge as winner!

The first two courageous warriors to go on stage to conquer the challenge!!!!

Hey he looks familiar, the one on the left!!! ORH! He's one of the 5 Bloggers there, Wiliam!!!

See?! The game is so irrestible such that Bloggers cannot resist it too and have to go up on stage and give it a shot! Great Job William, for starting to set the groove right for us all!

After all 3 paris have finished competing against one another, Shan and Rozz took a break from the stage and coming up, we have 987FM DJs, Vernon A and Bernard up on stage with us! They cracked a lot of jokes the whole night! And with them on stage, there was no single moment of silence at all! It's fun! IT'S PARTY!!!

This time round, they want 2 groups, with 5 members in each group to go forward and join in the game. Well guess what?! The 5 fantabulous Bloggers went up ahead and decided to show and wow the crowd with our POWER OF GROOVE! And here we are, the 5 bloggers (from left to right: William, Benjamin (Yours Truly) Angie, Darren and CalvinTimo!!!

And you know what?! We DID show the crowd the BEST of us Bloggers! We won the other team! Basically, we're to queue up in one straight row and each of us are to drink one cup of F&N SParkling Drink from a thin straw! Only 1 is allowed to drink at a time.

Well, we drank finished all 5 cups ahead of the other team, leading by like 1 cup? HAHA. We got great sucking power! According to the DJs, haha!!!! This is call setting the Groove for the crowd!

Next up on the list, we are inviting some people to go on stage in pairs to compete with one another in......DANCE! Hey, since this is a party for F&N as well as for the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2, how can we possibly miss out the dancing part?!

So, the contestants are to dance against the KBOX KINNECT! Contestants are required to stand in front of the screen and dance accordingly to the rhythm. And if I'm not wrong, the one with the most "Boom! Bam! Bang!" noise that is created is like a better dancer! HAHA. In the end, the winner of each pair is decided through the audience! The one who receive louder applause or cheer from the floor, wins.

Here are some photos of the contestants putting in everything they have:

From left to right: Benjamin Chua (My Guest), Angie, Mirai (Angie's guest) and me!

After the party, the 4 of us decided that since the Groove is already injected within us during the party, we might as well let it continue to spread to others and among ourselves! Afterall, we needa spread the #FnNFun Groove! And the best way is to start with our very own friends first!

With that, we decided to settle in TCC to have an after-party event together :] Okay, at first we wanted to go to Rochor Beancurd and we did arrived there BUT there was simply too many people and given the way we were dressed, if we were to queue and eat there, sure faint one. Lol.

Here are some cute and handsome photos of us :p

Alright I'm gonna my post on the 987FM RSVP PARTY by F&N here~ And once again:

Anyway, I think I look not bad here lorh! LOL.
What's up next for you guys?!
I've been assigned to 2 of the Finalist Teams of this year's Singapore Dance Delight, and they're mainly Househead and Free Frag!!!! In fact, I've already finish interviewing them!
Do stay tune on my Blog to find out what do they have to say for being in the FINALS and just how much desire do they have to win the Champion to represent Singapore!
On top of that, this Saturday will be the FINALS at Wavehouse Sentosa! Those who manage to get the tickets, SEE YOU THERE! For those who didn't, no fret! We 10 Bloggers will be covering the whole event that night and we'll post it all up on our blogs! Do stay tune alright?!
In the meantime, Follow F&N on Twitter, @FnNFun and you can also "Like" their FaceBook page at: as occasional contest with attractive prizs to be won will be held! Till then, see you all guys!!!

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