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F&N Spread The Groove Challenge: Who's The Head Of The House? --> HOUSEHEAD

The 20 Finalist Teams for the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 2011 have already braved through all odds and completed the tedious journey by showing all that they've got at the Finals on the 12th March 2011 at Wavehouse Sentosa.

What was being displayed? Who manage to pull through all the obstacles and emerge as the winner?

Stay tune as I cover the whole event..... Coming up soon....


Before the FINALS, the 20 finalists teams which have worked very hard to get into the finals must be training very hard. Afterall, it is no easy chicken feat for them to achieve the position of where they are today.

Chances are hard to come by and opportunities do not knock twice.

If I were the contestant, I will also die die hold on to it and give it all my best! It's always better to live with no regrets right? HAHA.

So, I was given the task of covering two of the finalist teams and they are basically: Househead and Free Frag! And in this post, I'll be presenting to you Househead! A very unique group which is like a diamond which have yet to be unmined!

Nonono, I'm definitely not part of the team, although it'll be great if I am. Hah. Then sure will have a lot of girls who will like me. HAHA. Alright, to set the ball rolling, I just have to tell you that this group, which consists of 4 members are seriously very unique. You'll find out why later! *suspense*

Now I shall introduce them to you (Fom bottom left, in colckwise-direction): Allen Alquizalas, Sang Yeong, BenVoda (Yours Truly), Terence Tan and Han Kamarudin!

This is the dude whom I interviewd, Terence, acting leader of Househead!
(Photo Credit: Terence Tan's FaceBook album)

Are you all ready for some facts about Househead? If you can, let's go then!!!

Q: How many years have you all dance? What inspired you all to form this dance group?

A: We've been dancing for almost up to 6 years and we actually got to know each other through dance competitions. What really inspired us to get together to form this group will be due to the reason that we're actually all dancing "House"!

Initially there was 6 members and Daniel was the team leader. However due to some family business, he has to leave the group. Another member is then currently overseas, thus we're left with the 4 of us *wide smile*

Q: Now that you're in the finals, what do you aim to achieve? Champion? And was this your intial goal when you all first joined SDD Vol. 2?

A: Errrr.......I don't think that we're actually trying to aim to be champion. Basically is because we're not as "hardworking" as the other teams. Others can actually tong the whole nigth without sleep just to practice.... But our team *Look at team* *BenVoda turns his head too*, we're still folling and playing around without any proper practice. *giggles*

Well, actually our real ultimate goal in joining this competition will be that we wanna increase the number of people to be aware of this type of dance, called House. Yup, that's our goal because this is not a very popular dance amongst the masses.

Househead chilling out after a short warm up and this is what
Terence meant by them slacking away. LOL.

Abrupt and so-not-convinving as it may sound to some of you out there. But trust me, winning the competition wasn't the real ultimate goal of Househead at all. If they're able to win, obviously they'll feel happy as highlighted. However, what they really REALLY want to achieve out of this competition is to spread this unique type of dance among the youths and make it well known.

According to Terence, House is a type of dance which really requires a lot of footsetps movements. Do you know what? Househead's members are actually the only few in SINGAPORE actively engaged in the dance, House. So they are here on Earth, on a mission to spread the groove of House. And you can be ensured that, this is no easy job at all.

Despite knowing the difficulties of the mission that they're going to embark on, this group continue to pursue their dreams, always with a cheerful attitude and a bright smile on their faces! This is exactly what they need as well. House is a dance which focuses more on what the dancer is feeling, right at that moment, at that point of time, and with the type of music being played.

Terence also mentioned "Of course, there are certain basic steps for House but we also try to put in some other types of power movements to further improve and innovate the whole dance that we're presenting".

Dancing requires tons of commitments. It's as though one has gotten married with a girl/guy call "Dance". It's always amusing to me how these dancers are able to commit to it while striking off a balance with their other commitments within their lives.

Terence said "I've no much issue with that because I myself, I am actually a freelance dancer and I actually do teach both primary and secondary school kids to dance. So it's actually part of my job also *bright smile again*" As for the other team members, 1 is currently in NS, 1 in Uni and 1 is currently available for any acitvities. Haha :]

Last Question that I had for them was: How many hours did you all put in for preparation for the FINALS?

Answer: *chuckles* We're damn slack. We aim to train a little bit each day, from today (Monday) to Thursday then off day for us on Friday. And.....off we go to the FINALS! Haha.



Indeed and without doubt, the first impression that Househead gives to all of us as compared to other groups will be that they are relatively slack. But after sitting down at the side, observing them it actually changes my perspective.

Indeed they're very relax despite the fact that they are going to face the ultimate challenge of their lives, the SDD FINALS, which means quite a big thing to the dancers in Singapore. It is like a form of recognition for each and everyone of them. What truly sparks me was the fact that the members of Househead actually enjoys what they were doing. I can feel the aura of joy in the things they do for the night.

This is something which many people lose while in pursuit of their dreams, but Househead did not. I truly admire them for this point and somehow, they manage to transfer their joy to me. Maybe because of a Kit Kat that Sang Yeong offered to me? Lol.

And you know what? I think the very cute and boyish looking acting leader, Terence, loves Gong Cha to the max!!! HAHA. He finished drinking one and when fellow Harlequinn (another finalists team) group members went down to get some drink, he asked for Gong Cha again! HAHA! That's funny!

Putting my jokes aside, that was really what I felt. The true feelings and emotions that they displayed. Be it through their dance steps or the interacting session among their own group members. It's priceless.

These people have dreams and they are living it.

They are not lusting after the champion or the fame that they'll get from it. Indeed a rare sight that we're seeing among youngsters nowadays. Thus personally, I love their candidness and the positive vibe that is spread from them. Experiencing happiness through the hard times together as a group as they brave through all odds and challenges.

Take a look at the video and you'll get to "experience" and have a better understanding of what I meant by the happiness that the group members achieved from the practices they have. Enjoy!

What feelings or thoughts do you guys have? For me, I can seriously feel their passion for "House". Can you guys feel it too?

Well, a favourite quote from me that I think really suits them:

"They don't do different things, they just do things differently"

As such, they're able to push through and break through their own limits. Thus achieveing greater results and a better performaces.

On top of that, I fnd that they have manage to do a very good job during the FINALS. As for the video of their performance during the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2, do stay tune on my Blog to find out more!

Coming Up Next: What are the Free Frags up to before the FINALS?


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