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Singapore Dance Delight 2011 Vol. 2- FINALS

Alright guys and babes! I know that you all have been wondering where this nehenh kuku BenVoda go to arh?! Got kidnapped already or what is it?! Other Bloggers already Blogged about the FINALS that took place exactly two weeks ago, 12th March 2011, and he's yet to do so!

Aiyaya, good things do deserve to be waited. I can assure you the photos' color are damn nice (personally I seriously feel this way lo!)! I tell you, even my own camwhore shots also not so nice hor! Think must be the nice natural lighting!

ANYWAY, the FINALS was a blast to me! All the 20 finalists gave all they had for the competition and strive to earn the title of CHAMPION and the honor to go to Japan to take part in the Japan Dance Delight, representing Team Singapore!

So ready to see the whole night's event and journey?! HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!!

Together with me that day, I'd Blog Bestie, Angie (one of the finalists) and Mirai's accompany!

Took the Skytrain (?) at Vivo City and reached Sentosa with some of the other Bloggers!

Bloggers never forget to camwhore hor!

After a short distance walk, we finally reached Wavehouse!!! And here we are, greeted by this:

Big F&N Drink, anyone? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sadly, I belong to this category!!!!! HAHA. Sad BenVoda! But contradicting hor the photo? LOL.

Not forgetting to camwhore, of course!

That's Eunice on the left. Feeling happy that I manage to snapped a photo of her!

Hey who's that?! ORH! It's Yong Wei!!!!

Loving the interior of Wavehouse. Unique and classic at the same time. Such elegance.

Went up to the second floor to meet the dancers who were preparing for the FINALS!

Here's another Blogger, DARREN! He's very friendly!

Here's the view for you guys! I would like to try that someday!

Angie posing for my camera! Looks what she got there?! F&N Fruit Juice!

LOVE THIS SHOT of the Bloggers posing with their Media Passes!

So, after all that fun that we had after entering Wavehouse, the Red Carpet Event is going to commence soon! Hmmmm.....but I don't seem to be able to find the Red Carpet though. LOL. So, the 20 finalists are going to appear right in front of our eyes and the audience very soon!


(Sorry for any photos with the groups not looking at my camera because that day was very rush so we just have to snap very quickly! Sorry!)

Team #1 from Phillippines, Team Elite!!!!!

Team #2: Fantastic Forze Crew!!!!!

Team #3: Burning Bums!

Team #4: Major Jam

Team #5: Go Go Funky Rangers who are from Indonesia!

Team #6: Born To Swag aka B.T.O.S

Team #7: Harlequinn (One of my personal favourite!!! But too bad, I'm not the Blogger assigned)
Here we have an all girls group, Team #8: Rough Addicts!

Look at those striking colored costumes! We have, Team #9: Sicking Freak!

Team #10: The Basic Five

Team #11: Size Zero! (Woo! Love the girl who's on the right! HER hair color is damn cool!)

A hot favourite among the people, Team #12: THE ZOO THAILAND

Team #13: F4C All Starz

This is the team thatI've covered and I love them a lot!!!!!
Do read their interview
HERE! And they're Team #14: Househead!

The defending Champion from last year's SDD, Team #15: Joyce and the Boys!

Another group which I've covered! They're definitely one whole bunch of funny peeps!
Read their interview
HERE! And they're Team #16: Free Frag!

Team #17: Hit The Speed Limit

Team #18: I Dot M

Team #19: FLAIR BROTHERS! The guy in the middle has lots
of funny expreessions when he dance!

Last but not least, Team #20: SONIC VIBE

After that, the Bloggers and the media was given a short break to roam around the area and take as many pictures we want or we can simply do nothing. LOL At the same time, they're trying to dispatch the queuing crowd into the competition area.
So what was I doing eh.......


How can I forget about our cutie pie, ANGIE?! LOL. Yes, that's the mini F&N Wet Tissue can!

That's the whole pyramid of them! LOL!

The Grand Stage that's built over the pool. Nice!

Camwhoring with the Chio Twin Sister, Jiaqi and Jiayi, Handsome William, Cutie Angie and I!

The audience and crowd was cheering very loudly for the dancers!

Here we have once again, Sheikh Haikel being the Emcee for the night!

Audiences gathered on stage to comepete themselves in a dance battle to win the fabulous prizes
Well, before that, we were all asked to do a peace sign for those people who suffered lots of damages in Japan due to the Earthquake!

That's my drink! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The dance battle starts!

Right after that, before the actual FINALS starts, we had the judges performing right on stage!

Judges back at their seats while the FINALS commenced!

So here we have, shots of the group's performances!!!!!! ENJOY PEOPLE!!!!!!

Mobile F&N Man to ensure that we're hydrated well with the F&N Sparkling Drinks!


That was obviously the most exciting night that I've had! What's more? You can be assured that the level of excitement is much more than those of the preliminaries'!
On top of that, I was rather touched in some sense that, we see the dancers starting off as just participants in the preliminary round till the FINALS. You can see how much they've changed despite being only with them for a few weeks!
The change in maturity of their dance moves. The change in the attitude they carry towards their goal. And also, how they all shine on stage to fight for their dreams and enjoy what they are doing. That is the positive attitude that they've displayed and I must say: GOOD JOB PEOPLE!

And moving on, we have the prize presentation!!!!!

That's Hit the Speed Limit getting the Special Prize Award!!! Good job guys!

The Zoo Thailand win the Second-Runner-Up!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

This sweet little pair of dancers won the First-Runner-Up!!!!!!! So sweet!

Congratulations to them once again! They've done a fabulous job!!!!!!!
Now I do look forward to their preparation for the
Japan Dance Delight towards the end of the year!

There we have, the OMY crew interviewing the winners!

Here we have again, the winner for this year! Look at those happy smiles and shimmering eyes!

I will like to extend my gratitude once again (I know I've said this many times) to OMY, F&N as well as O School who organised this awesome event!!!!! Without OMY, I will not even have the chance to be aware of this competition, needless to say, be part of it!
F&N on the other hand, has been a great support to all the Bloggers by organising events for us as well! On top of that, we've received quite a generous amount of goodies from them too! Thanks F&N!!!
O School, a school for all the youths who really have great passion for dancing and wants to commit to it! The platform for them to shine! Thanks for organising this stage! It not only allows the youths to display their talents, it also touches the heart of ours. It showed us that there is this world of dance in Singapore and there is quite a big number of them who are waiting their talents to be discovered!
On top of that, a special thanks to HTC for loaning us the HTC Wildire handset as well, which makes us happy little people who manage to get our hands on a new gadget toy! Thank you!

I will definitely miss thie few weeks of fun that I'd enjoyed. This period of events were the most memorable ones that I've ever enjoyed in my Blogging Years. Well, it's somehow the peak of my Blogging Years too, being given the recognition and able to work with other Bloggers, famous one as well!
I've no idea how much I'm gonna miss the fun, but thanks a lot for making me grow more matured as I moved on in this journey together with all other bloggers as well as OMY, F&N and O School.

I will always remember this awesome and meaningful event.

Thank you.

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