Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spreading The Groove for F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol 2!

Last Thursday, 3 March 2011, 10 lucky Bloggers (including me) who are the Finalists for the Singapore Dance Delight 2011 Vol.2 Spread The Groove Challenge, made their way down to Office for a meeting with both OMY as well as F&N!

Right there, we were briefed on what are required of us and the events that we've to cover for the entire journey, all the way after the Finals! The Finals will be held at Wavehouse Sentosa this coming Saturday, 12 March 2011!

Have you gotten your tickets?! If you have not, here is how you can get your hands on them!

Tickets can be purchased from O School (Tel: 6509 0016) for $20 all the way till 8 March, or you cna also get them at $25 from 9 March onwards!!!! Do get them now!

group photo
These are the 10 lucky Blogger Finalists!!!!!Among 10 of us, the Defending Champion from last
year is with us also!!!!! Photo Credits: OMY

After the briefing, every single one of us were given a bag of F&N SParkling Drinks Premiums and at the same time, we were given a limited edition F&N Trexi, which currently only Jay Chou, Jay Park, U-Kiss, Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry adn Running Into The Sun have been presented with it! And we're one of the lucky few to get it as well!

And now, I'm going to show you all all that premiums that I've received!




Getting relatively satisfied that I've something to fiddle with now!

WOW WHAT?! ANOTHER PACKAAGE FOR ME?! Let me explore it now!!!!

I got more and tons of Mini F&N Cans Wet Tissues!


F&N Sparkling Drinks for me to enjoy and immerse and drown myself in some #FnNFun!

Hey! So what's inside this thing?! Let me listen for any movements before opening it!

WOW! Looks like it's something great awaiting for me inside!!!!

So this is the limited edition Trexi that each of us received! And it smells like F&N Orange too!


It's so freaking cute right?! Awwwwww!!!
The Limited Edition Trexi and the Mini F&N Can! My favourite Groovy Grape!

Do remember to follow me on Twitter if you've yet to do so! Follow me HERE! By doing so, you can receive constant updates on my journey all the way to the Singapore Dance Delight Finals, held this coming Saturday!

Also, I'll be doing a coverage on the preparation and dance practices of 2 of the finalist teams as well!!! Those two teams that I'll be covering includes: Free Frag as well as Househead!

Do remember to check out my Blog alright?!
Stay tuned my dear readers!

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