Thursday, April 14, 2011

JB Trip With Cousin!

As shock as we look (Ok, maybe only me), I think this is this first time, after a whole long 18 years, my cousin and I went overseas together. Oi! Malaysia also overseas ok? The bridge is built over the sea lo, so travelling to there over the bridge is definitely going OVERSEAS. I don't care. Lol.

Okay, my cousin is in Temasek Polytechnic, so now is like her holiday period, in fact they're gonna start school soon. So, she has been pestering (haha, macham like auntie) me to like go JB with her. Because if you all remember, there is this period when I keep going JB like evry Saturday. The cheap thrills and deals, food and relaxation.

Put it this way, she simply cannot resist and want to have a try of all those! So yah.

Being a very good elder cousin, I rushed to change my passport. This is very epic because my photo of my previous passport is a photo taken when I was Primary 3 or 4? So not long ago, the custom officer thought I was trying to fake a passport to smuggle into Malaysia because my Chio face now doesn't match that cute face (so BHB!). LOL.

So, bo pian (no choice) have to change lo. TSK. COUSIN, if you see this, better thank me eh!

Was it fun? DEFINITELY YESH. My cousin and I were like 2 mad dogs that were imprisoned and caged for don't know how many centuries! We literally ran from shop to shop, especially clothes and apparels! CHEAP LIKE SIAO! WE ARE BUDGET BARBIE AND BUDGET KEN! LOL

Not forgetting, our parents were trying their best to catch up with us. Given their age, I shall applaud them for being able to keep up with two siao gaos (crazy dogs) thorughout the whole trip. HAHA.

After the short break (above) we had, we went over to Seoul Garden to have our dinner! It was realtively cheaper as compared to Singapore's price actually. Haha.

WOW damn shiok lor I tell you all! Eat until we all can puke! HAHA. Make us all like piggies! What else?! After such sinful meal, might as well just continue with the sinful-ness experience, we went on a shopping spree!!!!

My cousin and I chiong when we saw FaceShop!!! And hell yesh! All the products are much more cheaper than those that we see in Singapore!!! Exactly same product some more lor! I will do a short video on my hauls from this trip ASAP. So, in the meantime, only one picture for you all at the moment!

And we move on to a nice massage~~~~ Awwww~~~ This is life!!!!

Tell you all something that was damn memorable about this trip!!!!

My cousin and I with our families, we were trapped in Malaysia till the next day!!! LOL. We have no plans to stay overnight there however, due to our greediness of shopping everything and eat and massaging, we overshot the time and the last bus back to Singapore was overshot!

As a result, we all have to stay in JB overnight.... And we were damn cheapo enough to not book into a slept and rest at the KFC over at the JB custom!!! HAHA. But we were not the only ones hor! So, it's okay :p Damn fun experience!

And we had our breakfast there as well!!! Om nom nom!

Loving Malaysia for all the cheap thrills and fun!!! So loving Malaysia!!!! Gonna get back to there ASAP for more of these relaxation and retail therapy!!! Muacks!!!!

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