Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Help Japan With All That's Beneath The Stars

Hey there people! Before I even start to Blog about this post, I will like to clarify to all of you out there that this is NOT an advertorial. Instead, it is a post that has the intention of spreading the message on how you all can help relieve Japan from the natural disaster that hit them recently.


Alright! So I bet all of you have heard of the recent tsunami that hit Japan. What's more? The impact that it has brought along is definitely devastating, bringing much misery to the locals. Well, all of us can do our part to help relieve them from their misery, be it in a small or big way.

And here I am, trying to do my part and spread the campaign that I'm currently involved in!

The "partner" that other Bloggers and I are working with is, Beneath The Stars, a local jewellery company which specialises in handmade jewellery and accessories made of semi-precious stone sets.

Beneath The Stars is an advocate supporter of helping those with needs through numerous charity events, and one example will be that in 2008, Yang Lay managed to gathered "Miss Singapore World", "Mrs Singapore World" and "Miss Singapore Universe" beauty pageants together and collaborated with "Mercy Relief" in raising funds for the Sichuan Earthquake.

And now, Yang Lay, in conjunction with us, Singapore Bloggers, will be on a "mission" to help Japan, when they need us most! Why are we doing this? Just imagine you have to live 5 hours without water. Just that mere 5 hours. How would you feel? Or facing problems filling up your stoamch with proper meals? That's what the affected Japanese are experiencing now.

Let's do our part and lend them a helping hand.


Last Thursday, 8 other Bloggers and I were invited to Yang Lay's house to view her exquisite pieces of masterpieces. But first of all, I would like to thank Yang Lay and her family, for their warm welcome to us and their warm hospitality. Thank you!

Look at the muffins that her family has baked to treat us! *yum yum*

Now I will like to introduce you to some of the pieces of masterpieces that Yang Lay has designed and produced. If you wanna look classy, elegant, and at the same time, you wanna cut down on the spendings, these will definitely will be the RIGHT choice!

On top of that, you'll be helping Japan as well! More details will be shown later!

For now, let's take a look at the collection Beneath The Stars has to offer us!


Toe Rings

These are the series of Toe Rings that you can get! What's more, you can get them and wear it togetehr with your friends! One for you and the other for your best friend!!!!!!!!

You can now get them at ONLY S$12.90!!!!! At such an affordable price, you get to own these fantabulous toe rings which can be a significant item between you and your loved ones!


All of them look simple, yet enhanced with a touch of elegance.

In my opinion, these will look very good with just a simple dress or outfit. Suitable for all occasions as well! Just look at the range of bracelets that you can choose from! Whta's more?! All of these are authentic semi-precious stones! So, you can never find two stones that look exactly the same!

Did you just say these will cost a bomb to own them?! NO! They cost ONLY s$54.90 EACH! You can be elegant as well today!!!! Go grab one for yourself or for your mother NOW!!!!


Jade Flower Tin Ring

Garnet Flower Tin Ring

Tiger Eye Flower Tin Ring

Mix Stone Flower Tin Ring

These rings are made of semi-precious stones! Cute and elegant right? Just like the rest of the collections, you can get them at a very attractive price: S$24.90

If you think that Semi-Precious Stone Rings are not suitable for you, you might wanna take a look at this collection of rings. Made of 925 Silver!!!! Take a look and check it out man!


These are just part of the collection that are put on on sales to you guys out there! If you wanna check out other collections that could be yours at attractive prices, do visit HERE! All items that are listed with prices are for sale to you all!

There are many ways and methods that you can make the purchase and payment! You can either purchase them online or simply made a phonecall directly to Yang Lay (do remember to be polite people!) and make your orders!

Here are the 2 different modes of payments:

1) Debit/Credit Card Payment through the website QUOTE "JAPAN TSUNAMI (BLOGS)" in your purcahse.

2) Call Yang Lay at this number: +65 9178 6226 and make your purchase with the item code, your name, and mode pf payments (Through Cash-Upon-Meet-Up preferably at Kembangan, Cheque or Bank Transfer). Do remember to quote "Japan Tsunami (Blogs)" as well!

If you're unsure of the details and descriptions of the items, you can visit HERE for more info!


Here's the details on how exactly are you able to help relieve Japan from their misfortune by purchasing the items from Beneath The Stars.

As this campaign is a collaboration between the Singapore Red Cross Society and Yan Lay and with the involvement with us, Singapore Bloggers as well as you readers out there! 50% of all proceeds (eclude postage) will be tabulated to the Singapore Red Cross Society after the campaign, which will be then use as funds to help relieve Japan!

Beneath The Stars Bloggers Fund Raising Project will carry on from the period Between 1st April 2011 to 31st April 2011!

If you all want to help Japan, do start now! People that are living right there are suffering a lot right now, while we all are enjoying our luxurious life, watching television, playing computers, eating scrumptous meals and sleeping on comforatble beds.

They have none of these right now.

It is not a matter of how much we are willing to fork out, but how much effort we are willing to put in to help others. Every single one of us need to take our first step out before we're able to help others.

Do spread the words around of this ongoing Fund Raising Campaign. You can do so via FaceBook or Twitter by posting your thoughts and spreading this news around with the hashtags, #BTS!

Remember, every single cents count. Do help Japan together and spread our love, shall we?

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