Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lovely Family Outing

If you do follow me on Twitter, which I've no idea why won't you do so (Unless I hate you), you'll know that at least one day of my weekend, I will commit to spending time with my lovely family members and/or with cousins!

Yesterday, I spent it with BOTH my family as well as my 2 cousins!

Went to Toa Payoh (I forget the address!!!) to have these chicken rice balls as dinner!

It's actually a Hainanese delicacy, as in the rice balls, and it's freaking yummy! Totally different from those normal chicken rice which we eat! I've been eating this since I was very young and my grandfather, being an authentic Hainanese, will always bring me to the coffee shop to eat.

This food actually brings back a lot of memories about those times which I've spent with my grandfather. But he's no longer here with me..... Miss him lots and hope he's doing fine in the other world.... (Go and slap yourself if you all are being happy and gloating over this. Because I know some retards out there are sure to comment on this. I know.)

Cousins eating the balls balls for their very first time!
And judging from their looks, they must've loved it!

After all that eating, it's time to brainstorm where to go!!!! That's always a big headache because there will be a conflict (friendly one) between the adults and the kiddos! HAHA. We want FUN and they want SHOP!

My auntie very funneh!!!! She always suggests to go to Tampines GIANT because that outlet is seriously GIANT, so the adults can like shop till they drop lorh! HAHA. But I always object. To be honest, I feel bad at times. I shall give in to her during our next outing! Promise!

In the end, we decided to go to BOWLING at Kallang Leisure Park and MUSTAFA after that!

Great itenary to spend a good Saturday! HAHA. We kiddos are cool~

Well, and in a bowling game, what's better and much more shioker than a good score?! HAHA.

Love the time I spend with my family members! It's priceless. You can never buy bonds! Seriously. Treasure the time we all spend with our loved ones!

After that, we went on to Mustafa and I must say, they do hold great deals there as usual! Bought a PUMA jacket which I previously saw at the Launch, for only $55! WTFBBQ?! Budget Barbie Male Version I will be! HAHA!

The whole outing extended all the way till 4am in the morning! Phew. Tiring but fun.

Seriously, teens nowadays should really know how to treasure time with their family memebers. When we all enter into the society, things are not as naive and simple as they seem to be. We will all still realise that no matter what happens, it will always be our family members who will stay by our side, be it in poverty or rich. Seriously.

Treat them well! Do a simple action such as a hug or saying I Love You, will lift up their spirits!

Let's spread the LOVE around people!

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