Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Play A Good Role, For Our Sake!

Do you all enjoying studying? Or rather, do you all enjoy going to school.

Personally, I really really really LOVE going to school. Well apart from the fact that I get to meet my beloved friends and crap with them all day, I like the time being spent in the classroom as well. All that learning is kinda attractive at times.

Can't deny the charm of learning eh? Haha.

Here then comes the next issue, what actually makes studying so fun? To me, I feel that teachers play a super duper important part in this aspect! Just think about it, we spent most of our time in school interacting with the teacher as they impart knowledge to us. They are the bridge between us and the knowledge.

How good the learning outcome is or how much expectations do we have towards each lesson, depend greatly on the teachers themselves. You all can't deny the fact that we all are acting like emotional chaemeleons, changing our feelings and attitude towards the different subjects that we take.

There are some which we really love and being all happy and cheerful towards it. Whereas, there are also some detestful subjects which we hate to the core, which lead to us carrying an emo or resentful mood towards it. But what causes these differences. It's the teachers. They are like magic. They can change and shape the students differently.

This has greatly highlighted the importance of the role that teacher plays in ensuring an enriching learning and conducive environment for the students. And today, I am SO gonna talk about the experience that I've been through.

Learning has been a very great experience for me. From primary school, to secondary school, and till today, my JC life. No doubts, there are always ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride along the way, with many obstacles obstructing me. But things will get iron out eventually.

Well, my main issue and star of this post will be teachers.

As mentioned previously, I've already shown the great role that teachers play. Things are hard on them too, having to go through so much hardship and facing so many different types of students every hour throughout the whole day. But sadly, teachers should set good examples for us to follow.

Like I've mentioned, I really love studying and I actually do look forward to school to learn new things. It kinda make me feel that I'm smart. Or smarter. But......there are times when I really dread going to school and this kinda happened recently. It's damn torturing. Bad bad feelings.

I've always commit effort to my work, I do. Not to bootlick teachers or so, but rather I feel a sense of commitment towards the assignments. Okay, this kinda sound bullshit, but just let me be ok? Lol.

Having conflicts or going against teachers have never been in my list of To-Dos. Never.

But somehow, I got picked on some teachers recently. And I must say, out of no reason or for the lamest reasons ever. Not that I'm trying to shift blames but this is really really true. Even my classmates have eyes and feelings to tell me about the attitude that the tutor has towards me.

It all started with simple newspaper articles reading log assignment. I used an article that kinda date a few weeks back, and was rejected by the tutor. Well, I do not deny the fact that it is my fault as I did not really follow instructions. I accepted her reason and decided to re-do as per instructed.

Second time, my assignment was rejected AGAIN. Reason being that I am using a wron type of article which she doesn't want at all. And she even reprimanded me for being like slow in understanding the types of articles she want. Well, what's so funny about this is that. All along, for the past one and half years of my JC life doing that reading log, I've always use articles all over the newspaper. Yet, she's never once complain to me at all. Just this once.

So, I did not argue too and went ahead and redo another one for her. Staying up late till 3+ (for second consecutive night) just to do the reading log after the rest of my assignments. I cut articles and did it.

Next day, went to hand in. For some freaking reasons, she just reject my reading log AGAIN!!! YESH, AGAIN!!!! And she even say that I am giving her rubbish works! For god sake, I dare to say that I really really put effort, consistent efforts in my reading log! It's always freaking 3 pages long, with CONTENTS. Yet, I receive a comment of giving rubbish work!!! HATE IT!

Started to hate newspaper articles and reading log. I also kinda have some resentments towards that particular tutor as well.

Never mind, that is not all.

We all know that in a class, there are bound to be students of different learning abilities and potentials. And teachers, being human too, will always favour those who are doing relatively better. Kinda like love them more and bias towards them.

What really turns me and in fact, I think most of the students will be the fact that, over showing of biasness really turns people off. Well, this tutor indeed has such ability to turn me off big time. Her way of expressing her like towards certain students is seriously freaking obvious.

I cannot blame my friends, for they are doing well. But come on, as a teacher, please be more impartial and fair can?! I mean we are all here to learn. Kindly show us the respect and attention which we deserved. To put it bluntly, we are paying for YOUR salary. You have an obligation to teach us. If you cannot stand slower learners, don't be a teacher. Go home and teach yourself then.

Being a teacher needs lots of patience. Be it in terms of the long hours in school and facing slow learning students, it requires lots of energy and patience. I guess teachers should all be ready to accept these when they first decided to step and continue on this tedious journey of their life. If you get fustrated over all these, sorry, go home and eat yourself then.

So back to my story.

How do I know she is against me? Easy. I give you this example and you'll understand, Even the whole class also got it because it's just that obvious! The blind also can see lorh!

Our class was split into groups to work on certain different topics and we were then required to present it to the class to discuss. So, the whole dicussions and presentation started and I must say I do enjoy this type of learning. Besides that point, when her favourite student started presenting and giving suggestions and ideas, she's totally like "Yah, true. I like the way you intepret....." blah blah blah. Full of smiles and joy from her.

Then it's my group's turn to present and up I go, to present on my group's behalf. I said one whole lot of my piece. Silence. More silence after silence. The class was waiting for her to speak up. To correct me. To lead the discussion as she did. We waited. Finally she spoke, and she said "Thank you."

That's all she said! She then just jump right into another section of the whole assignment! Most of us, if not everyone, was stunned! She NEVER does that. Even to her favourite student, she also has things to comment, what makes me, a normal slow learning student (though I do not agree to be so) be able to make her accept my idea totally?! That's totally IMPOSSIBLE.

I got all tensed up and angry actually. I am sincere in learning, can you fucking do your part as well. I never lose my temper in front of her. After all, she IS the teacher and we as students, should show her the due respect she should received. But did she respect me?

This pass by. And another issue came.

I requested to have a make up for my Essay Continual Assignment make up to be done. And I informed her and typed a relatively long message to her, with great manner, requesting to do the test make up. I waited for her reply, guess what reply I got? Just a "Ya." from her. WTF?!

If I am able to put in the effort to ask you in such polite manner, why can't you, as a teacher, GP teacher in fact, reply people's messages in a more ENGLISH-LY correct manner?! Is it so hard?! That pisses me off. Big time.

Stress, Stress, Stress.....

I've been brooding over this issue for this whole week... This whole week...

Is it just me being sensitive? I beg to differ. Is it entirely the teacher's fault? I do not think so as well. What I really believe is that, it always takes 2 hands to clap. It is NEVER a fault that entirely lie on one side. That's never the case.

I believed that I've already played my role as a student very well. But I do no get the due respect in return. I mean, after going through so much and exposed to the world after all these years, I actually manage to take all these things in stride. But if it's some other people, who breaks down easily, things might get out of hand!

Is suicidal a case that you wanna see? NO.

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a Blog Post to encourage you all to commit suicide after getting critics)

This indeed how much impact a teacher has on students. They craft the way we behave, the way we respond and the way we carry ourselves. Easy job? Never. Tired job? Yes.

We understand that hardship that teachers have to endure. But it is also part of the teacher's duty to put themselves in the students' shoes and think from their perspective at times. Afterall, teachers have been there and done that before. They should know how it feels to be totally put down by others, especailly teachers. The models whom they rely on in school to carry on their life, with a better future.

Indeed, teachers are human as well. But students are too. We are creatures with feelings and emotions, that makes us human. There is indeed a need for us to understand one another, the situation that we were being placed in. Especially teachers, who are the crafters of the future. We, the younger generations are the future. And it is teachers who made us who we are, working hand in hand with the mentality of the individual students.

Thus, a need for us to work together to work towards a better future.

Just how does it benefits you, from criticising students? Does it? If it makes you happy and all, it's time you see a doctor.... Teachers need to think in a rational mind and treat matters with fairness and from a neutral perspective. Biasness can be shown, but with limit... These small actions from the teachers, can either make or break the students.

Emotions and feelings are fragile. Once it breaks and it is hurt, no matter how you manage to get it back into one piece, yu can always still see the cracks and defects on it.

Let's work together as one and make a school a better place for everyone, not a place that we all dread to go. I believe we can. It is a matter of choice and compromising. Let's be optimistic and work towards it as one!

I still do carry a joyful mood to school, knowing that to make school memorable and fun, I have to first start from myself for I am the ultimate change of myself. Always start from yourself, and although this sounds lame, but I kinda find it to be true "Begin with the End in mind". That's how things always work out!

Cheers everyone!

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