Wednesday, April 20, 2011

*Sniff Sniff* Hmmm....Nice smell

Without a doubt, all of us want to be in our top condition whenever we head out. We wanna have nice looking hair, flawless skin etc. Most importantly, many of us wants to smell good!

Apart from the usual routine of bathing regularly, unless you don't (Ewwwww!), we always like to make ourselves smell better by spraying some fragrances on ourselves. Fragrances are like the most magical thing in the world. A few sprays and Poof! you'll be smelling like an angel!

As seen above, BLACK, is the fragrance that I am using currently. It's great for guys mainly because, it smells good and long lasting, yet it doesn't irritates others. Because guys' fragrances, normally smell very strong and "thick" (if you get what I mean), but this specific one smells very light, just like Jasmine. So, I'm totally in love with it currently!

Fragrances are magical, but there are also DOs and Don'ts for it! And I am here to share my two cents worth with you all ! (And this is NOT an advertorial)

First of all, storing of your fragrances is VERY VERY important. You do not wish to spoil your fragrance, right? So, the most basic step to prevent the spoiling of your fragrances, is to avoid placing it under direct sunlight or anywhere that is hot. This will actually trigger chemical reactions within the fragrances itself and spoil it.

You do not want to spray some nasty smelling scents on yourself, do you?

If you want, keep it inside your cupboard or on your dressing table (avoiding sunlight), which most people do. Otherwise, you can actually choose to place it in the refrigerator (NOT the freezer!)! This will actually cool your fragrance so, when you spray it onto yourself, you'll feel very cool and refreshed!

Next, applying your fragrance may seem to be an easy task which even a small kid can do. But hey, there is some techniques and pointers which you all have to keep a look out for!

First of all, you can actually spray some fragrance on your pulse point aka your wrist.

Do take note that after applying it in your wrist, what you CAN do is to dab both of your wrists against each other. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER (VERY IMPORTANT!) rub your wrists against each other because that is gonna smear the frangrance and the scent will no longer be as good. So, just stick to dabbing them.

There are also other parts of your body where you can apply your fragrances on as well!

1) Neck
2) Behind the ears
3) Hair
4) Elbow as well as
5) Behind the knees

Lastly, I'm gonna highlight to you all some of the common DON'T DOs with your fragrances.

1) NEVER spray your fragrances on your clothings

The reason is very very simple, you will spoil the quality of your clothings! So, do avoid applying and spraying fragrances on your clothes. You want to smell nice yet have nice looking clothes on you to go together right? So, do make things work and take note people!

2) Do not spray on your accessories

Your beautiful accessories are there to bring out your character and to enhance your attractiveness. So, why would you ever want to spoil and damage them? Keep them away from fragrances! Metals, beads, pearls etc DO NOT go well with chemical-made fragrances. Lol.


I've already shared my small portion of two cents worth of tips for you all readers out there!

*Sniffs* WOW! All of us are smelling great now! Oh ya, do take note of this last pointer, fragrances are made in such a way that they are suitable only to a certain group of people.

From the wide range of fragrances, take your own time to choose one which really suits you! What smells great and wonderful on others may not apply to you. So, choosing your right fragrances if the key point and the kick off to smelling great!!!

So, have you all chosen your correct fragrance? I did. So, let's all head out to party and rock this beautiful world, while smelling nice to everyone! Wooooohoooo!!!!

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