Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Truth

What are Bloggers to people out there? What does the word defines?

To many of you out there, Bloggers are a bunch of poeple who simply earns money or sponsors just by typing that few paragraphs on their Blog. But hey, I do not deny the fact that we do get sponsors and so on. BUT, have you all ever wonder how much effort we've put in?

The effort is definitely no less than those who are striving hard to climb up the social ladder.

This road of Blogging is not an easy path and many tend to give up halfway as they do not see any results. Come on people, how can you expect to see results within just that short few months of Blogging.

Let us talk about myself then.

I've been Blogging since I was Secondary 1 (that was like 5 years ago). Well, I started off with the "I WANNA BE A BLOGGER STAR" attitude as well, I do not deny this fact. But, all that I've blogged back then was more about my mundane lifestyle. I'm not trying to say that it's a bad choice to blog about our life but, that definitely couldn't get me anywhere. That is if you're not famous yet.

Sometimes I bitch about my classmates etc. and being emo. That kinda turns people off. At least to me now, whenever I read some emo blogs, I'll just turn it off. Too lazy to immerse myself in their emo-ness.

What kinda make things worst off will be that, I actually used my phone camera to take pictures and Blog about them. Technically, nothing is wrong with it, like hello? I am only Seconadry 1, what do you expect? A DSLR from me? Definitely a NONO at my point of time.

The first thing which people come into contact with when they visit your Blog is actually your pictures and not the content. Heard of the phrase "A picture speaks a thousand words"? It does apply to Blogging. If your pictures are a major turnoff, that's it. You can forget it having me to continue reading your content.

So "POOF!" another minus point for my Blog back then.

But that didn't really stop me from blogging. I mean blogging is also about your passion. If one is to Blog just for the sake of getting fame, it's kinda hard. I do not know how to really explain it with words, but a post filled wiht passion for bloggins can be easily differentiate from those who are blogging for the sake of getting fame. It's a whole lot of difference.

So over the span of 5 years, I continue Blogging and making improvements to my own Blog. With passion as well as my dream of making a name for myself in the Blogsphere.

I must say, hard work do pay off. I finally get to make a small name for myself when I was 16, Secondary 4. I begin to get some sponsors from Blogshops, like clothings. And, I also managed to get invited to events as well. That was kinda of a beginning to a new chapter of my life for me.

When I was 17, my friend, Yutakis (Do visit his blog HERE) help me to advance further in the Blogsphere. And that was through a event known as SINGFEST. After that, I kinda got connected with some PR agency as well as HTC. And that totally changed my life. I managed to get myself like handsets to do review on, which totally help me to increase my viewership.

I also manage to get myself sponsors from HTC itself as well! Being a youngster who is able to get so much just by Blogging, you can imagine how thrilled I am.

And more recently, you all can see for yourself the numerous events which I've attended. One of the more high profile one will be the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2, which I manage to make friends with tons of other Bloggers! On top of that, I manage to win myselg a HTC Wildfire as well. Talk about benefits of Blogging.

To me, it's seriously not all these prizes that keep me going. No doubt, I am happy to win these prizes but, it's more of the joy of blogging as well as the opportunity to expose myself to the different events and friends that I am able to associate myself with.

Blogging has never been an easy task. If you were to ask our Blogger Queen, XiaXue, I bet you can tell you tons of stories, be it sad or happy, tears or joy, that she had to endure and go through before making a name out for herself.

You all can associate us with sponsorships, going to tons of fantabulous events etc. But kindly do not ever treat us as a bunch of despos who are trying to get freebies through Blogging. We do not source for sponsors, people come and find us. And they come and find us, through our Blog, which we've spent lots of efforts working on it.

If you all are to condemn Bloggers as despos, what about celebrities? Don't they get sponsors as well? So, does that make them despo? If acting is their passion, why are they taking up sponsors from the various companies?

Makes sense? It's exactly the same for Bloggers. We are all under the same category of Entertainment industry. We're only different in the way we convey messages and commit to the industry.

And just a few more words, hard work do play an important role as well. It's the same that applies to ALL the things we do in this world, under the sun. Without effort, there is no way we can achiever something out. Passion and hard work goes together just like coffee and sugar, or the sun and moon blah blah blah....

No one can work as an individual to succeed. Maybe you can, but the results are not as desirable.

What you all see are only the results. The hard work behind the scene is a lot as well. Do kindly understand this point and stop condemning Bloggers, shall we?

Together as a community, we can work together, be it bringing to you readers joy, happiness, laughter. We can also help to save others who are in need and one example is to help relieve the pain and sorrow of those in Japan.

Do your part, simply click on the banner at the side of my Blog and see how you can contribute to saving Japan. Bloggers do their part to contribute to the society as well. Let's all work together, instead of bringing one another down.


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