Monday, May 16, 2011

Audi Fashion Fest

Hi everyone! Amongst my busy school schedule, I managed to get some time out on my Saturday (as usul, what's new) and got myself invited to the Audi Fashion Festival. Thanks to my friend, and the one that I attended, is PARCO's fashion show!!! HAHA.

Well, this is the very first time I'm invited to such a grand fashion show, with a fashion runway! Kinda disappointed I missed Men's Fashion Week the other time because of my studies but I earned it all back this time round!

Enjoy the pictures below!!!

Below are some random photos taken in UNIQLO's changing room because I wanted to try on a few pieces of clothings (and I bought them hor!) but looking at the good lightings and everything, I just took out my camera and camwhore. LOL. Quite not suitable for the weak hearted. LOL.

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