Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, I do agree that I might not have given my mum the best and the most lavish Mother's Day celebratiion. But guess what? My parents and I always have the mentality that it has never been the amount of money spent that matters and equates to the amount of happiness. But rather the effort and thoughts.

Come to think of it, my mother and I always feel that it's weird how restaurant always get crowded, most of the time, only on special occasions. Hmmmm, if we as children only spend time with family on special occasions and bring them for good meals, I'd rather (if I am a parent) my child be with me everyday and we just eat porridge on occasions.

The principle to me is that: It's never the mount of money or the quality of products we're enjoying, but rather the company we have.

Give me abalone and the best feast in this world, and ask me to eat with the person I hate. Just kill me then. No way I am going to enjoy. If you ask me to eat just plain porridge but beside all my love ones, COME ON! GIVE ME MORE! That's the difference.

Well, this year, I brought my mum to BREWERKZ because she has been spending lots of me, especially nowadys when I grow up and all. So just wanna let her relax a bit and all. HAHA.

Had my parents to post for the camera before anything else, haha.

That's my mother with the gift I did for her!

Ya, your eyes are not playing a trick on you! I did the iPhone cover casing for my mother, with the guidance of my Blog Bestie, Angie!!! I bought a plain iPhone casing and all the crystals and seashells, went to STARBUCKS, sat there for 5 hours and completed this whole cover! Will do a Blog Post on it soon.

My mum told me she love it a lot and she has, apparently, went around telling people and showing off that I did that for her! HAHA. Glad that she loves it. Hearts max!

Ordered a 2006 red wine. Not bad I guess, a bit too bitter. Lol.

Loving this picture which I took! Camwhore as usual!


Really enjoyed the night out and the time spent with my parents! Although it is MOther's Day but I guess I love the time, valuable time spent with both of my parents. How often can we really sit down and have such relaxing time to dine together?
In the day, parents are working and slogging their guts out for us and for me, I'll be in school studying like mad. When we're back home, yes we do sit down and watch the recorded shows. But ater that, we will all head to bed and the cycle continues the next day.

This is what really happens in most family in Singapore. All I have to say is, treasure the time we have with our family. It cannot be bought with money. Remember this.

After that, we all head to Kallang Leisure Park and watched a movie, "Chinese Ghost Story"! I personally like it a lot, because I love Chinese fighting shows, especially those that displays special powers etc. And most importantly, I love XIAO QIAN!!! Always love TV series or movies that show her! Damn nice and touching lor the story! Even my mum loves it!

Since it is a Mother's Day post, I will like to say a few words to my mum!

Dear Mummy,

I know that raising me up has never been easy, especially when I am a kid which loves to spend a lot of money. It has indeed been hard for both you and daddy. I know that all along, you've never ask for any monetary returns or anything expensive in exchange, and all that you've asked for is for me to put my heart into studies and score well.

I do listen to it. At times, I might complain that you're a bit noisy and naggy, but I know deep down in my hear that you just care for me. I guess in the future, I will just be as naggy or worst thatn you, given the fact that I talk so much now. Not forgetting me complaining a lot too.

I do not know what else to say but Thank You and I will show it through actions of the promises I've made to you in doing well for exams! Love you always mummy!

Signing off,

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