Thursday, May 19, 2011

Japan Trip Day 2

I know I'm taking way too long! It has been like 5 months already and I'm still blogging only on Day 2 of my Japan trip. AIYA, no time mah, but at least late than never (self-assurance) haha!

Think this will be more of photolog because I don't really remember much of the place. Sorry! Bad me, but I really love the pictures taken of Day 2! ENJOY my lovely readers!

I totally love the food from this restaurant! Damn nice and authentic!!!

Damn cute the way my father stare at us when the Jap lady slept on his shoulder! LOL.


Below are the whole lot of series of photos which I've taken in a park in Japan admist the busy city! Love all of them!!! Sometimes it's good to take some time off and have a relaxing walk overseas! Afterall, go overseas is to relax mah! Enjoy!

My cousin, parents and cousin's friends, together with me who went to Japan together!

Lovely and cute parents look so photogenic here!!! HAHA.


Bought Yummy Sweet Potato! BUT each costs S$6!!!!!

As the sky gets darker, we decided to move away from the park and go to our next destination! It is actually a relatively big street where lots of shopping, food stalls and relatively cheap deals for us! I MISS THOSE TIMES!!!! I WANNA GO BACK TO JAPAN!!! ARGH!!!!

This is damn cool! We picked the prize we want, positioned it in any position, then slot in the token. As long as we are able to get the prize into the hole(?), the prize is yours! So, I got this Rilakkuma for only S$6!!!!! OMFG!!!

After the whole day of shopping and walking around and exploring Japan, we headed to a small food restaurant near our hotel to have our dinner-cum-supper! So cool luh! You order your food through the machine below!!!!

A ticket, somehow look like receipt will be issued to you from the machine and in a few minutes, literally like only 2 ninutes max, your food will be served to you! Damn efficient!

I tried this for the first time and I ate it almost everyday for the rest of my stay in Japan!
It's damn nice! It's actually like spicy, real spicy soup with chicken and tofu! YUM YUM!

That's all for my second day in Japan!!!

I totally miss that place! How I wish I can study down there as well....Oh wells. Hope I get to visit there again! Also, I do hope that the recovery progress of the affected areas due to the Tsunami is doing well!

Be strong Japan! The world is here for you to reach out for. And I do believe that with your efficiency and positive outlook and attitude, you will recover in no time! And I will soon visit you again after my examinations!!! LOVE YOU JAPAN, also LOVE YOU SINGAPORE (don't wanna get flame for not loving Singapore. But I do love Singapore too okay?!) !!!! HAHA!

Will be posting up Day 3 photos soon as well because they've already been edited! Till then, MUACKS!!!!

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