Friday, May 27, 2011


Many times in our lives, we will always question ourselves, "Why am I going through such sufferings?" or "Why must I face all these and endure it?" Come to think about it, who has never went thorugh such ordeal or dilemma before? Everyone does.

What's really heartening is that there is always people around you that cares for you. They lifts up your spirits at your lowest point in your life. They always stay by your side evenr when you have to go through hard times. They share your burdens with no regrets.

I have such bunch of friends too. My bunch of Council Friends are indeed fantanbulous. I am not trying to say that my classmates are not as good alright? It just happen to be so that the Council and I have went through a lot together recently and I feel a sudden urge to blog about this.

This blog post is not gonna be about me, but rather the group of people who never fail to cheer me up. Below are just some photos which I will like to post on my blog so as to leave behind memories for me (although they have been posted onto FaceBook).

People always say that Singapore is a small red dot on the globe. No doubt we are, but our population is not small either. Wiht around 4 million, close to 5 million of people on this small island named, Singapore. I am able to meet all these awesome peeps out of so many people.

It is indeed some sort of magic that took place. What's more? Being able to meet one another does not mean anything. Instead, what's so magical and amazing is that fact that we all are able to bond so well with one another. This IS fate at play.

I chose to embrace all these for such valuable and priceless relationships are hard to come by, especially friends who are always there. Of course, these 4 girls above with one of the guy are not all. It just so happen that these girls are on a camwhoring mood that day. LOL Thus their photos are here.

If you are following me on Twitter, you will know that my whole Student Council body has step down from our duties already due to our A Levels this year. Indeed, tears dropped and everyone left reluctantly....No doubt. But what's heartening is that we still treasure the friendship! Thus, we do still meet up and gather with one another everyday, even after our "Outvestiture"! This is cool!

Just today for an example, we still meet up together (the few crazy ones) and go bowling and lunch! This is the type of friendship which I find it very precious, at least to me. I will NOT want it to end and will NEVER let it end.

My next post (hopefully) will be on our "Outvestiture".... The day where we all wore a smile on our faces, yet it hurts deeply in our heart....and it's crying out loud....

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