Monday, May 2, 2011

Marina Bay Sands outing with BestF!

Wen out yesterday with Best Friend, and our location is Marina Bay Sands (MBS)!

We walked all the way from Raffles City, to Suntec City, then to Marina Square and finally the Helix Bridge and MBS. Phew, that was a long way to go for the both of us! But it was an enjoyable walk, given the fact that we are able to chat and bitch about lots of stuffs, catch up with one another and talk crap.

And all the walk is worth it when we are welcomed by the spectecular view. So, we started camwhoring! Like so cool lah! A guy friend who is so into camwhoring too! HAHA.

He looks Korean right? A bit la hor? HAHA

There was quite a crowd there last night. Well, after all it's a Sunday, family day, for everyone. I know I'm not with my family right? That's because I've planned to spend my whole Labour Day Holiday with them okay? Never forget them. HAHA.

It's just amazing to see this spectecular buildings right in front of me. I mean just look at how far Singapore has come. We've become a valuable piece of land, compared to the past. Well done! And I'm very grateful for the fact that I am a Singaporean!

The night was well spent with someone that you're close with! Also, standing by the bridge, with cool wing clowing against our faces, it's really really relaxing and enjoyable. All troubles are like just lifted instantly, lifting your mood and spirits up.

That was how I spent my night yesterday, and lastly, love this art display in Esplanade!

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