Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Fantabulous Hauls

Recently I'm just in this shopping spree moooood!!! Anything that looks chio or make me look more chio and more of my real self, a Japanporean, I'll have the urge to just buy it! Also recently, there are lots of sales almost EVERYWHERE yet, it's not the Great Singapore Sales season yet! Woots, love offers!!!

So here I am going to show you all some of the great hauls I've recently bought!

I love Nanoha Anime!!!! I'm so gonna collect all the figurines!!! I bought this for only $8!!!!

UNIQLO recently are selling these disney clothes for only $9.90! WORTH THE BUY!

I'm totally into accessories!!! Bought this chic looking watch for $16 only!

I bought this pair of shoes at Cotton On because I love the stripes inside!

Looks damn clean and neat right?! Love it! Gonna buy the blue one too! Price: $19.95!

DAISO is a paradise for Budget Peeps like me! This is a wet cleansing face paper!

Before washing our face, it's best to use this to wipe our face first so that all the dirt particles will be cleared away first! LOVE IT! It has aloe vera contents as well!!! MAD worth it for only $2!

This is another amazing product that comes with an amazing price of $2!

GREAT invention by my fellow Jap peeps!

All we have to do it to put the facial wash on our face and use this to scrub and clean our face!
Not only will it clean our face, it will also scrub off all the dead skins etc!

Bought this concealer stick at ETUDE HOUSE for S$9 only!

It's mad amazing! It not only lightens all the dark eye circle and black spots, it aslo helps to oxidise the skin!!! Mad love! Don't judge because this is for guys also okay?!

STAGE has the most amazing liquid concealer that is PERFECT for studio shoot!

Because of my dark skin tone, I'm using No.7, Temptress Empress!

What's more fabulous is that, I bought it at a clearance sales, at 2 for $9!!! WOW!

The result is damn amazing!

Especially after all the lightings that falls onto our skin tone! PICTURE PERFECT!

Thanks to this tripod stand, I am able to take all amazing photos on self-timer mode!
Looks damn professional right?! It still can be extended to a higher height!!! Guess what?! I bought this at DAISO too at only $2!!!! YIPEEEE!!!

I've always love cheap thrills! I always believe that it is a wrong perception of people to think and feel that cheap stuffs are not good. Maybe at times, it is true. But we shouldn't judge and make such a general statement!

Can't wait for the Great Singapore Sales where all the products are on great offer!!!! LOOKING FORWARD! So, what are some of your cheap thrills that you wanna share with me?! Come one!

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