Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Out On Vesak Day

Vesak Day explains it all! My family and I went to the other end of Singapore just to offer our offerings to the deities and gods on a special day like this! Crowd was expected yet that didn't really stopped my family from praying.

To be honest, I wasn't really active in the praying process because the weather was such a killer and with the joss sticks, it kinda killed me. Haha.

Went around to Jurong East to cool down and to gain advantage from the ari-conditioned environment. Hiak hiak. Cooling~

After that, we went home to grannie's house for a while, because she fell down in the market!!! OMFG! Damn worried luh! She's not young anymore (like duh) so a fall may be quite serious! But luckily there wasn't any major injuries except that her nose bleed.... Poor grannie.

Headed off straight to Pasir Ris WHite Sands to get my hairspray!!!! For all those who follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I've been living for almost a whole freaking month without my hairspray!!! That kinda equates to me having shitty hair to school and events for one whole month. Good job.

Luckily, I manage to get it! It's actually a Korean Brand, not sure if any of you have heard it- V On U (Value On You). As lame as the brand name may sound, it is amazingly good! It smells good and it kinda fix your hairstyle there for the entire day and most importantly, it doesn't make your hair oily! Love it to the max!

Also, I changed my hair wan from Gatsby to V-On-U too! (I'm not paid to advertise for this product, but just feel that it's very good and want to share with you guys!)

Had our dinner at Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe! Mad love the food and the Iced Yuan Yang!

My parents!

Happy Vesak Day to everyone and may GuanYingMah popee (bless me) me that I'll get good results for A Levels and may my study life be smooth. Also, hope my parents and everyone in the family has good health! Thank you! Muacks! HAHAHAHA!

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