Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Blissful Moments In Life

There are many definitions of Blissful Moments to diffebrent peoepl. For me, a simple lifestyle is more than enough to cheer me up. I like doing so, through my teaching of Abacus to young kids. Well, I've fully understand why people choose to be teachers.

The satisfaction that it brings you is AWESOME! When the students first step into your class, they know nuts about what you're gonna teach. But as time pass by, they start to gain knowledge about what you're teaching. The feeling of seeing them grow and mature is indescribable.

I'm still teaching abacus up till today. I know, it's my A Levels year, but this is the way I relax myself. Through teaching, other than Blogging. Below are some photos taken yesterday in one of my classes! One of them look like Bazooka (my friend)! HAHA.

They are triplets! So cool! (Eldest on right and youngest on left)


Just look at them. Candid shots of them can actually bring out the smile in them. Kids are just that amazing. Young and innocent. Everything is written clearly on their face, be it they're sad, happy or angry. That's why kids are the best friends we could ever have....

After working, I went out to have dinner with my dad after he fetched me. Mum wasn't there because she went out with her friends. Tsktsk, haha but she deserves some break.

My dad and I then went to Geylang Ming Hui to eat frog leg's porridge. Well, I'm not a fan of frogs, and I don't eat them. I go for it, because I love the porridge and the gravy. IT'S HEAVEN! And, the porridge just taste different because of the difference in texture, I guess. It's more sticky so it's very nice!! Yum yum!

After that, my dad went to buy durians and off we went home!

Just this simple lifestlye, is able to make me very happy. I don't really need a luxurious lifestyle, but at the same time, undeniably, if I am able to have it, of course it'll be good. But sometimes in life, simplicity is the best.

Happiness can NEVER be bought. I've learnt to stop complaining too much and focus on the small details and happenings around me which can make me happy. Start from the peopel beside you.

Mother's Day is coming soon. Strat from here if you've yet to do so :]


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  1. Hi, chance upon your blog. like how you describes simplicity in life and the innocence in kids. (: pretty pics you got there as well (: