Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summary Of Life

As you all can see from the above, I've already changed my Blog Header after so long! Finally, took some time, had a shoot and start changing and editing my header. Well, it's time to do so too eh? HAHA.

I'm totally in love with my new Blog Header! Do you all love it too?

The so call theme which I am following will be much much of the mysterious theme. Like you don't show your emotions directly through your expressions but rather through the feel of the picture. Much like a magazine requirement.

Don't say that I try to act like one model. But we are all trying out new things and so am I? So, what's wrong with doing so right? HAHA.

Faith... Something which we all have. You may know it, or you amy not. It all depends on the individuals. But do remember,. whatever we do, there is a need for us to carry some substance of faith and belief. They act as motivation to us.

If you have yet to discover, don't worry, you surely will one day. Take the leap of faith and you'll succeed. Not to forget the hard work as well. Don't give up, that's kinda important too.

There are indeed many people out there who are still searching for something which are missing from their life. Everyone does so. Don't feel like an outcast if you feel this way.

Whatever we are searching for, follow your heart... Do know what you are yearning for. Our heart never goes wrong. Keep on searching and one fine day, you will DEFINITELY find it.

I've always want to be in the Blogsphere, being part of the community. I've been searching methods and ways to do so for 5 years. 5 whole years of my life. And finally, I found it. Not to forget that I've made many new friends and new experiences as well.

That's why, it is never wrong to keep on searching. But don't force things. You amy put in effort, but if evidence prove to be otherwise, let's get back to Earth and start all over again. Nobody restricted you that you can only search for one thing in your life right?

Fight for it, but don't lose yourself.

Last of all.... DARK secrets...

All of us have our very own secrets. Be it good or bad. But it has never been a problem of others. Maybe it does involve others, but ultimately, it is you, who takes control of the situation and plan how things go.

No one has ever said that one is free of secrets. What is meant by dark? It may not be evil... It could simply just mean that you've chose to keep it inside a chamber. In a chamber of darkness. Only you know about it. Only you determine if it should see the light.

Our life has never been a puppet of others. We change under circumstances but we never get control. Never should we.

What's your darkest secrets? Keep it to yourself till it deserve to see the light....


This post may sound a little bit emo but all I want to portray is some aspect of life. Just a simply short post to illustrate all. I do like the pictures personally! What about you all?!

Good enough to be Singapore's Next Top Model or not?! LOL!!!! You decide!
Because I choose to believe that I AM a good model! HAHAHA!! *self-denial*

Love you all readers! MUACKS!

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