Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's your amibition?

I wonder if you all have the same experience as me or not, but soemtimes when I'm sitting down all along or lying down on my bed, I will keep questioning myself about what I've succeeded so far, and what exaclty is/are my ambitions?

In life, everyone has a goal. I mean we all do need something to work towards to, if not, that kinda defeats the purpose of us living isn't it?

Amibition? What exactly is it? We've heard this word since kindergarten till now. Eevryone in our life simply will ask us "Hey! What's your amibition?" or simply put it " What do you wanna be or achieve in future?" It does sounds familar right?

Well, ambition sounds like a big word to be handled. But it's meaning is real simple: a chereished desire. It is what we, as human, as an individual want to have or achieve. That's all there is to it.

But as usual, never underestimate a word just because it is simple to understand because no matter how easy a word looks like, the process of achieving it or truly understand the real meaning behind it, takes lots of efforts and hard work to fully grasp the whole meaning.

Take LOVE as an example. Compared to "Ambition", I guess LOVE is such a much simpler word that is well known by everyone in the world. Even Barney, that purple dinosaur knows about it. But here comes the hard question, "Do you really understand what is the true meaning of love?"

Especially for youngsters nowadays, they get together, and they always send texts to each other like "I love you dear", "I love you so much I wanna be with you forever". Are you being serious here? How much do you know about Love? Love needs to sacrifice, need to endure lots of hardships etc.

I do not want to digress too much into the word "Love" since the main star of this post should focus on "Amibition". But I guess you all get it right? Haha.

So in pre-school or kindergarten, when the teachers asked about what is our dream job or amibition, the usual answers will always pop out. Like always. "Teacher, I wanna be a doctor!", "I wanna be a lawyer!", "I wanna be a nurse" Soldiers, pilot, teacher etc. All these are deifintiely not "strangers" to us any longer.

From young, when we said all those above, our parents and teachers will actually commend us and tell us to work hard to achieve it. But, is that really what we wanna be?

Along the path of this rocky and unstable path that we took known as life, we realised a lot more things. We realised that things are not as simple as they seem. And more than often not, it may seem impossible as well.

I do not deny the fact that it is indeed a big dream to become a doctor or lawyer. In fact, I find it to be a big responsibility to hold these jobs as an occupation. So, those who had these ambitions must be great people with big dreams to work and live for. Kudos and respect to them!

Me, been there and went through it as well. I do aspire to be a doctor or lawyer before. But as I progress and move on in life, I find out that......it might not be suitable for me? Be it in terms of my incapability (is there such a word?) or mentally, I just do not feel that being one of the above suits me. AT ALL.

God, Guan Ying Mah (not preaching here) etc. all created us and gave us the opportunity to travel in this world. No doubt, lots of challenegs were given to us, but those experiences are indeed valuable. So like all of you out there, I went through a lot too for the 18 years which I've lived in this world.

Been through pain and all and I do realised that ambition and reality differs a lot. We can dream, but it may not neccessarily come true. And the main determinant of the result will be the experiences that we've been through.

For me, I've went through a whole lot of new happenings through Blogging since 5 years ago when I first started as a Blogger. After that, went through O Levels, came to a Junior College, studied, and finishing soon this year after my A Levels.

I do not know if it's just me, but I'm beginning to feel that I kinda detest the life of sitting down at one fixed place for long hours and just doing the same thing over and over again. Studying all the dead and boring stuffs kinda bores me out too. That was when I started questioning myself if an office job is really what I want.

I always imagine myself sitting in an office, having a 8-5 job, 5 days a weeK. I nearly suffered a heart attack from that! LOL. I just cannot seem to fix myself into that kind of environment. It's just NOT me.

People always, most of the time, vision us JC students to be in careers such as lawyers, doctors, architects etc. Whatever high paying jobs you can think of, that definitely was linked to us JC students. But is that really true? Has it got to do with our ambition? Sadly, not all the time.

You see. Poly students and JC students do not differ a lot, to be honest. In fact, I think that Poly students might be better than us JC students at time. Just think of this. When we all face the same question of what do we want to be in future or what is our amibition, I do feel that Poly students might have a better understading and answer to this question.

Why is this so? Very simple. In Poly, the students chose their own course they want to take. That in one way or another, they have already visioned their future since the course they studied kinda determine their career. They know clearly in their mind what they really want (most of them). For JC students, many people out there take us to be like "clever people". Yes, there are people out there who are real clever, thus they are in JCs.

But then at times I will feel this way- We JC students, some of us, may be in a JC partly or mainly because we have yet to figure out what do we really want to be in the future. We are unsure of the future. We have doubts in our own decisions. Thus, getting into a JC serve as a source that allows us to waste 2 years while we try to figure out what do we really desire to become. Isn't it so for some of us?

I do question myself all the time. What do I really want to be? Do you all ask this to yourself? What do YOU want to be in the future?

For me, I might have yet to find an answer. But I did narrow down the options: I WANT TO BE FLEXIBLE IN TERMS OF THE WORK SCHEDULE!

I know I may sound stupid, but I do dream of becoming a full time blogger, where I can really just plan and blog at home. Indeed, I am not that famous, YET, to be one. But, it is possible right? Just like 5 years ago, would I have imagined that I could be a Blogger, getting sponsors, attending major events with those famous Bloggers? NEVER DID I. But today, I did it and I achieved it.

That goes to prove that no matter how big the dream is, how difficult is it for us to work towards, we all can achieve it. It all boils down to ourselves. Call me a dreamer or a fool, but I'd rather be a fool who dares to dream big and work towards my true ambition, rather that to be just a smart person, who has no real aims in life.

What do you choose to be? Or rather, who do you want to be?

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