Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesome Baby Incredible S!

Around 2 months back or so, I was wondering what would be a better phone other than my iPhone at that point of time. Well, no doubt, iPhone has a variety of apps etc but I was wondering if other phones such as an Android phone will be able to serve it as well.

So I did my research and wanted to get one the phone I set my eyes on......


Let me tell you, this phone is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
It's in fact, in my opinion, much better than an iPhone!!!

You wanna know more about the product?! Visit HERE, the official HTC website and see how fabulous this product is!!! You will definitely go "WAAAAAAAA"! Promise!

And so, I was very very excited when I received this present, For my birthday! How gorgeous could that be?! I mean seriously?! Such a good gadget for my 18th Birthday leh!!! HAHA.

So, I will show you all some of how the phone looks like, and some few favourite apps which I like and functions that I love about it! HAHA.

The back of the Incredible S

The front of the phone!!! With my photo as my wallpaper! What's surprising eh?

Look at the four "buttons" at the bottom? They are all semsors!!! Means it's all touch screen!!!

It's amazing! It saves me lots of hassles of pressin buttons and all! This makes my life so much better! And let's not forget the part where you will look all cool! Because it only lights up when you are using the phone! When you're not using it, it will just be a black panel! Cool futuristic look!

For all vain biatches out there like me, the very reflective, crystal clear screen can act as a mirror as well!!! It's freaking clear! You don't even need to buy thos mirror screen protectors anymore!!!

Are you going to be in the dark room at night? Wanna pick up something yet lazy to go and switch on the lights? No worries!!! HTC Incredible S has the in built flashlight as well!!!! It works damn good and I always play with it!!!

The other time I even used it to light the ceiling because my dad is changing the light bulbs for my house! HAHA. It shines like a lighthouse, very brightly! Hee hee.

Bet you all know that I am an Angry Bird fan!!! I even bought an Angry Bird cover for my phone! HAHA. In the past, when I was still an iPhone user, I can only play the free version....not willing to pay for the games leh...

BUT, it all changed with Incredible S!!! All the versions, different variety of Angry Bird, comes FREE in Android!!!! And they are all FULL VERSIONS!!! WHAT ELSE IE BETTER?! LOL.

Being a Blogger, what is important?! PHOTOS of course!!!! Always find it rather difficult to take photos using my iPhone. Problem? Only 2 Megapixels which takes shitty and blur photos! And it's rather hard to camwhore, because we tend to get out of frame!

HTC Incredible S not only comes with a 8 Megapixels camera, with flash, it also has a front camera!!!! To complete the whole package, it has different types of effects to "Photoshop" your photos instantly! Making every photo looks much more presentable and chioer!!!

Below are the collections of photos which I took using the Incredible S, with the different effects that are available for us! Enjoy!







See! All the amazing looking photos and effects that is available to you when you get your hands on a set of the Incredible S!!! What are you waiting for?! I've already gotten mine! Especially if you are a Blogger or a camwhorer like me, this is the ultimate phone for you!

Just think of all the free and cool apps!

All moments of your life being captured down in HD! That's how you "take care" of the moment of your life! That's what you wanna see in future, a HD history of yourself!

Remember the HTC sense which I once mentioned before? It's HERE! HTC Sense has indeedn makes the phone much more unqiue and special as compared to others. All your contacts, are being organised by individual conatcts and not through the individual social media platform!

Just one tap on a contact, and you can see all updates of the person, be it from Twitter, FaceBook or SMS, all will be there for you at one glance! That's right! Another great HTC Sense programme will be that you no longer need to face awkward moments such as your phone ringing in the middle of a meeting or vibrating non-stop during tutorial lessons!

No worries! As soon as you lift your phone up to see who is calling you, the volume automatically gets lower! Want it to completely stop vibrating or ringing? Just simply flip it over, facing down. WA LAH! It goes mute instantly! That's how amazing the HTC Sense is!

Tempted now? Go get yours!!!! Do check out other models of HTC phones with the fantabulous HTC Sense!!! Some examples will be the Wildfire S or even the newest product, HTC Sensation!!!

Till then, I hope all of you will enjoy your Android phones! And hey peeps! Android phones are not as bad as what you all think! Do try them out and you will know that all that I've said here are true, and what's more? You might even discover more that these!

Have fun people!

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