Monday, June 20, 2011


Last Saturday, 18th June, I started my AWESOME saturday by going to the flea market at Chinatown Garden Bridge! The focus was on the flea but the main focus if because my favourite Blogger Celebrities are going to be there!!!! HAHA!

Woke up pretty early just to get myself ready and to be presentable! HAHA.

Here are some awesome pictures I took with them! They all look so chio and handsome! Feel inferior standing beside them!!! OMFG!

Singapore most Hiao Blogger, Eric Lim and I! Do read his Blog!!!

Oh yah! I forgotten to mentioned that he fed me french fries! Yes, he FED ME!!! STARSTRUCK!

JiaYi was alsot there! She's always that friendly! Find her very sociable!

This pretty pretty girl is Miyake!!! OMG!
She's so pretty that there is no need to PhotoShop her at all!!! She's VERY friendly!

Hardworking Miyake organising her stall after a whole bunch of customers left!

After the flea, my mum gave me a very last minute notice that we will be going to JB for some massage and Lok lok, again, in the evening. Rushed back home! Anyway I bought 3 pieces of clothings from my idol, Eric this time round, Singlets and one party outfit. Damn chio, yet cheap!

Wahahaha!!!! Will take photo with them soon in my Haul Post for June! HAHA!

Was lucky that my family and I never get ordered to strip naked and do squats like the 2 unlucky Singaporean ladies. Damn unfortunate and disgusted by their acts of the government officials there la... Pft. And CalvinTimo like "warned" me not to get stripped also on Twitter! HAHA, damn funny!

So while I was having my massage, feeling bored, I took out my HTC Flyer and read the managa, Rozen Maiden (all time favourite) which I've downloaded on my Flyer!

If you follow me on Twitter, which I've no idea why you haven't (Do follow HERE!) you'll know that the Flyer is SPONSORED! Will blog about the product soon! Lol.

So this is how it looks like:

AWESOME product I got to say :]

As usual, after massage, we will head to our usual hangout place in JB for our supper!!!!!

This noodle is damn special! It just tastes different and unique! Love it!

Lok lok! And I always will choose lots of these japanese mushrooms and ask the uncle to deep fried them in hot oil! It's damn delicious, though sinful! HAHA!

And that's a lot of food hor! HAHA.

Ice jelly drink there to quench our thirst *slurps*

Before we went off, we ordered the nice Wanton Mee which only opens late at night!

A simple Saturday and not that havoc? I do agree. But it's always these small things in life which makes me happy and lifts my spirits in this stressful period of my life....

Thanks a lot to the Bloggers at the flea which makes me feel like I belong somewhere with others. And alos my family, who is always there for me! Thanks to all of you and love you all!

Strive Hard and Work Hard! Jia You! Gambatte!

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