Tuesday, June 28, 2011


June is the period where everyone goes crazy! Not only due to the face that kids are on holidays and family can go overseas for a break, but also, it is the Great Singapore Sales (GSS) period!!!!

Cheap offers are everywhere! And vain people like me, but very niao (cheap skate) also will be very HAPPY because we can be chio looking yet there is no need to spend a lot of money! HAHA!

So below will be some photos, vain photos that is yet looking relatively not bad (:p), of the cheap offers that I manage to grab this season! Enjoy~

I bought this tee shirt for only $10 at a Thai Fashion Show at Vivio. If I'm not mistaken, all the booths there featured, are actually branded stalls in Thailand itself. So, I guess for a branded tee selling at $10, it must have been a good haul eh?

Outfit breakdown:
* Tee shirt: Thai Fashion Show
* Lime Green Berms: Cotton On
* Nike Cap: Nike Outlet (Birthday Gift)

Going casual and smart looking at the same time? This checkered shirt is just what you need! Different from others shirt is that, this shirt has good material! It is very soft and thin, thus it is very suitable for this unbearable heat of Singapore's.

What's unique is also that the hood is also detachable. So, you can choose whichever style you want to carry on different days, different occasion! Just wear a singlet inside and wear this shirt over, put on a cap and there you are, a smart looking boy boy :]

Outfit breakdown:
* Millitary Cap: Fred Perry
* Sunglasses: Flea ($5)
* Singlet: UNIQLO ($3.90)
* Checkered Shirt: Cotton On ($20)

This is for you to carry the beack boy look! This light blue shirt is also purchased at the Thai Fashion Show! Not bad eh the quality! Good for this killer weather as well!

Outfit Breakdown:
* Cap: Birthday Present
* Light Blue Shirt: Thai Fashion Show ($10)
* Singlet: UNIQLO ($3.90)

Want to go for the innocent boyish look? HAHA. Recently, I am madly in love with Blue, especially Jeans Blue and light blue! Damn nice!!!!!! It kinda makes one look relatively younger and boyish looking too :p

Outfit Breakdown:
* Millitary Cap: Fred Perry (Birthday Present)
* Tee-Shirt: Cotton On ($5)
* Denim Sling Bag: Cotton On ($10 with any purchase)

Oh well, how do we celebrate this summer season? FLORAL!!!! It is not only entitled to fellow girls~ Guys can carry them as well too. This floral long sleeves shirt is the perfect top that any guy can ever find! The material is very comfortable, almost like cotton, yet it has fine touches of elegance!

On top of that, being a fan of vintage good all the while, this top is a MUST MUST in my wardrobe collection! What's more attractive is that this shirt, I bought it at a flea! And please poepl, get rid of the mindset that flea stuffs are dirt cheap because they are spoilt etc. Hell no!

Oops, forget to mentioned that this top is a TOPMAN collection and I got it only at $10!!!! OMG!

Outfit Breakdown:
* Hat: Birthday Present
* Geek Specs: FourSkin ($10)
* Floral Topman Shirt: Flea Market ($10)

So, what good hauls did you guys out there, manage to get this season?

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