Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laddaland Movie Preview

Recently I managed to get myself a pair of tickets to the movie preview of Laddaland, a Thai horror movie!

*I will like to apologise to all of you, as well as OMY, that I am unable to upload photos, for whatever reason that exists. Thus, this is a word post. Sorry!*

Alright, I am definitely NOT a fan of horror movies, although I always find that horror movies are rather interesting. Somehow and something, just struck me this time round and told me that I have to watch it! So, there I am, receiving a pair of tickets to the movie preview!

This time round, I managed to get Hong Peng, President of the G+ Committee to go with me! Awwwww~ Such great honour! Do visit his blog HERE!

Upon hearing that it's a Thai Movie, I know that I am in for some deep troubling encounter! Thai movies are like known for their graphics and audio! Cover eyes and listen to the sound effect, will still get scared! Cover ears and just watch also will get scared! DAMN!

To be honest, I totally freaked out!

Basically, the story is about a man, who shifted his house together with his family. He thought that, finally he could be with his family, all 4 of them togther! The whole story started out to be very heartwarming, totally not like a horror movie at all. Although they finally manage to stay together under one roof, But he does not have a very good relationship with the daughter.

Things starts ot get a bit awkward when a maid was being murdered and her face was splashed with acid. What's more? Her dead body was stored in the refrigerator many days before it is discovered. The house then become haunted, and weird happenings took place too.

The new neighbour that they have, supposedly appearring friendly, actually does not seem as kind as he does. He has a tendency to mistreat his wife and this actually led to some dire consequences towards the end of the story.

To be honest, this is not entirely all about ghosts scaring and killing people. In between, it also displayed the contradictions and conflicts that a family together may face. Thus reflecting the realistic life that we are leading. Faced with the new yet haunted neighbourhood, the wife has to make a decision to move out and move back to Bangkok to stay there.

WHY? Because the whole family that stay beside them (the family with the guy mistreating the wife) was killed by the husband. And the husband killed himself too after shooting the mother, wife and son to death. After that episode, more eerie happenings took place which totally lead to a rather pitiful ending for the lead actor and his family....

To me, I guess that this horror movie was relatively good. Simply due to the fact that it also focus on family values and the love and trust between a couple. Family bonding was also reflected to be of utmost importance.

Wanna get some scare yet carrying back some values that is going to be learnt? You have to watch Laddaland then!!!!

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