Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Study" with Levon!!!

On Monday, Levon (Follow his Twitter HERE!) and I wen out together on a studying date! Have to admit, we were not as productive, Levon was very productive though. Doing his A-Maths paper etc.

I was just sighing away and complaining. HAHA! We had PASTAMANIA for lunch because TOBY's was crowded. Lol. After that, Levon brought me to Sogurt! And the place was quite relaxing to be in! Make your own Yoghurt choice and "decorate" it in any ways you want your yummy yoghurt to look like and pay by weight! HAHA! Interesting.

My grape flavoured yoghurt! Taste heavenly!

Cute table!!!

We headed to East Coast Park's BK after being so not productive at the Marine Parade's library.

This is the very cute Levon playing and fiddling around with my HTC Flyer! HAHA!

Took a short relaxing moment sitting by the sea side with Levon... HAHA. We keep commenting we are gonna fall asleep soon. HAHA.

My life now is like the kite, stuck in the tree....Having no idea where to proceed to....

Sitting by the sea has been a thing which I've not done for ages.... If not for Levon, I will not go there AT ALL. No way I am able to do so.... Thanks a lot to him.

I have to say sitting by the sea does allow one to think through a lot of things. Not gonna be emo here :] LOVE THE SEA! LOVE THE WAVES! LOVE THE SEA BREEZE! EVERYTHING!!!!

Hope I am able to go to the beach again! HAHA!

P/s: Sorry for such short post because I'm rather stress up over my studies and some decision-making... Will have to do up my advertorials soon also! See yah!

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