Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Need The Right Pair Of Spectacles!

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I've always hated the fact that I have to deal with blur visions because of my spectacles!
It is very VERY irritating when my vision is "impaired"!
So, one day.............with my blurred visions, I walked into this shop:

The place was definitely magnificient! With lots of spectacles on displayed, the friendly staffs approached me with a smile to attend to my needs. I told them my issue and with the nice sponsor from CRIZAL, the staffs beginning to do all sorts of tests on me.

Sadly, due to malfunction of my camera, the photos were gone :'(

They begin to introduce this special types of lens known as CRIZAL Lens to me.

I'm very sure that a lot of you have heard of this brand and the series of lens that it has came up with! Well, I've heard of it as well, but due to the fact that I've not actually used it before, I was not certain if it was THAT magnificient.

So, I just moved on to the next step to getting Ultimate Vision, I chose a matte black framed spectacles which makes me look geeky and at the same time, fashionable, also I can wear it to army as well! Wuahahaha! Good deal! One stone kill many many birds!

So after just ONE week, my "weapon" to clearer vision for me to conquer the world and achieve my goals arrived and I went down to collect it! So back home......I just stared at it...

*TING!* A sudden rush of magic rushed through my eyes!

AND WOW!!!!! Instant clear view as compared to wearing my old spectacles!!!

So, in order to understand my weapon better, I went to check for information on it. Having a better understanding of our very own weapon will then be able to unleash the full potential of it! Afterall, we must know what we are wearing! We do not want our eyes to spoilt,do you?

I will then start my explanation of my understanding of the CRIZAL Lens to you guys and girls!

The Crizal Lens which I am bestowed with is actually a brand new product in the industry! What's more? It is the only lens in the market that can eliminate the 5 Big Enemies of all wearers!!!

The first one will be:

Reflections at night or when working on computer or just a simple action of using our handphones can create reflections on our spectacles. On normal lenses, that will actually prevent us from getting the perfect deposition as our view is full of reflections.

However, with the Crizal Lens, there is actually Glare Reduction. Thus what we will be getting will be a clear view ahead of us, with minimal reflections. Do look at the comparison above, with the left being normal lenses, and the right, with Crizal Lenses.

Our Second Enemy will be:

This is a very common enemy which most of us are facing. Just imagine leaving your spectacles on the table or by your bedside before heading to sleep. The next morning, when you put on your glasses first thing when you wake up, WOW! You will see white particles lying all over your lenses! You will then need to clean it using your shirt or your spectacles' cloth!

That is such a hassle! Especially so, when you are outdoors, on a hike or an outing with your friends! So, with Crizal Lenses, it will eliminate this enemy, dust, which can be a deadly obstacle to clear vision!

Next enemy will be:

Well, our leneses are glasses as well. So, it is usually hard for us to have a pair of spectacles with ZERO scratches or near to zero scratches. Afterall, once we get scratches on our lenses, that's it. It will be permanent.

However, with the innovation of Crizal Lenses, it will eliminate this visual discomfort for us wearers, which eventually will reduce the straining of our eyes. That's just wonderful isn't?!

Then we will also face issues with:

With just a simple contact with the lenses with our bare hands, there you go, your nice and unique and one and only in the world fingerprint will be on the lens. At times, it is very hard to get rid of it and by rubbing it using our shirt or a cloth will only further smudge it and blurringand our vision further.

This is because smudges will diffuse the lights as it hits the lens and eventually lead to blur vision. Well, just take a look at the comparison above and you, yourself can be the judge and tell me which lens is better!

Lastly, we also need to eliminate the issue of:

Be it engaging in water sports or just getting caught in a drizzle or heavy rain. Water never fail to just "stick" intimately to our lens! That is just pure irritating!!! Who wants them on our lens which blocks our vision! NONO!!!

It actually brings discomfort to our vision becuase water distorts our vision! OMG. Who wants to get a distorted vision?! Definitely NOT me! Well, at least I know that my problems are solved now with Crizal Lens!

At first, I was not really believeing whatever I see above. But the staffs at IEC actually did a demonstration to me! Below is a comparison of how dust actually gets stick to normal lens and how it doesn't, to a certain extent, for Crizal Lens!!! Can you identify which is which?

And, this is me! Being totally into the new product! And not forgetting, looking handsome too :p

As I was saying that my new weapon is indeed of the finest! Thus no we no longer need to worry about having vision discomfort, be it during play, party or work!!!!

Definitely I no longer have issues with playing great sports that make me perspire lots!!!

Going out for party or a Saturday night out with your boy/girl? No worries!
You can look at them in "HIGH DEFINITION" all night long!

Want some serious studying? DON'T WORRY! With Crizal Lens and better vision, you will score better because you no longer get tired easily after studying for long due to poor vision!!!

Now here is what I've learnt! When we want to do a new pair of spectacles, it is very important for us to not focus too much on the frames. Yes, we want to look good, but before that we have to ensure that we can look good. Get what I mean? HAHA.

There is indeed a need for us to place great importance and priority to choosing the good lens. Because we do not want to harm our eyes do we? So do remember to focus on the lens first, which I will highly recommend Crizal Lens because it helps to eliminate the 5 great enemies of wearers and bring great comfort to our vision as a result. Do remember!

Oh yah! This coming Saturday, I will be going to USS with all the other Crizal Blogger Ambassadors! We are so gonna conquer USS with our newly equipped weapons!!! Do look our for our blogs and see how we slay those enemies in USS!!!

And lastly,

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