Sunday, June 5, 2011

What To Do After School?

After a long day at school, what will you want to do? Go to the arcade? Go have some bubble tea? Shopping? Movies? Or do you want to fill up that hungry stomach of yours first? YES I DO!

And Ramen Play is here to "cure" my hungriness!!!! (What atrocious English is this?! LOL!)

(Out of courtesy from Hong Peng)

Last Wednesday, 9 other lucky Bloggers and I manage to get ourselves invited to a food tasting session at Ramen Play on their new offer! It's specially designed for students! But sorry, University students are not taken into consideration :( Sorry Uni guys and babes out there!

We were presented with a very warm welcome from the restaurant manager as well as the lovely staffs from Nuffnang, like Amanda! HAHA.

Before our real actual meals were presented, Ramen Play served us some side dishes (not included in the students' meal which I am going to introduce to you all) specially for us Bloggers who were there for the food tasting session!

It includes Yaki Gyoza and Crispy Dango! Yums yums!

It tastes heavenly! On the outside, it might look like some simple and normal fired dunplings that we eat at ban mian stalls, but NO! The meat inside is damn juicy and when you take your first bite, all the juice, almost soup-like, inside the fillings will spurt out! AWWWWW~

As you can see from the above picture, the meat is not as moist and wet and juicy as the Yaki Gyoza. However, the meat is very tender and soft! It's crispy and golden fried on the outside and soft on the inside! The sauce that is topped on top of it goes very well with it as well. The sauce tastes a bit sour, which kind of complement with the food and it adds a different texture to it as well!

(LOL! I blog until as though I am professional food blogger!)

Other Bloggers trying out and tasting the food!

To top up to our enjoyment, free flow of beverages were provided to us as well (NOT applied to normal students' meals)! I chose my usual favourite, Ice Lemon Tea!

Next are the 2 main stars of the Students' Meal!!! They are Tonkotsu Ramen and Mustard Chicken Fried Rice respectively!

I'm not gonna tell you how wonderful they taste! Because, you have to try it yourself to believe it HOW FANTABULOUS IT IS!!! Head down now!!!

For more information:

What are you waiting for?! Head down to Ramen Play now with your friends today! GOGOGO!!!

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