Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crizal Heros!

As the adventure of conquering the the evil continues....

When BenVoda managed to get his Crizal lens (Read HERE), which enhances his vision, enabling him to conquer the wolrd and achieve his aim better......he is now set to defeat the evil in.... Universal Studio Singapore (USS)!

When BenVoda first set his foot right into USS, the sky was clear and weather was great, just like any other days... However, what stood before him and other Crizal Superheros, was this great Battle between the Human and Cylon.

Given the mission to fight against evil with the Crizal spectacles, BenVoda and a few other heros boarded the crew, both Human and Cylon, and start their journey to exterminate all evil of clear vision!

It looks scary isn't it? But, there is nothing that the Crizal heros can't conquer!

And after the ride, it has proved to us that, it is indeed NOTHING.
No threat to clear vision with our Crizal Lens Spectacles!

We moveed on and continued our journey... The weather started to get hotter than usual, as though the temperature had rose many folds..... And to our surprise, we've landed ourselves in the land of desert.... And you will know, when you see structures like this:

It seems to us that the Pharaoh has awakened and his army of mummies are gonna break out of the desert prison and exterminate the human race! No doubt, we, the Crizal Heros, will NEVER allow such a thing to happen! So, we entered the deadly palace of the Pharaoh to ride on his Mummy's Ride to destroy him and all demons of human's clear vision!

The Great Evil Palace of The Pharaoh!

And hey look! After the fierce battle with the evil, my lens are still
much clearer than the glass windows of this vehicle!

Still looking fresh and ever ready to kick more asses of those tiny, almost invisible eveil of lens!

Goodbye to this desert! Peace was brought back and the
Egyptians are able to live peacefully again!

Just a few steps away only, it just seems as though we stepped into a time machine, a T-Rex appeared right behind me! Wow! And luckily, it was tamed enough to not attack us. Phew!

Right next moment, all the Heros, experienced a view like this in front of them:

It seems almost like a battle field.....Did anything just happened here? We all are puzzled. So, we decided to take a seat and see how things go along...

We waited.......

And waited..........

And waited again................




Out of the sudden, bombs were thrown and smoke were everywhere. Almost blurring and impairing all our visions. As such, BenVoda started to mobilise the rest of the Crizal Heros! Only the few of us are able to have clear visions in times of this!

A fierce battle was carried out to save the hostage, defeat those crafty villians yet minimising the damages done because there are pressence of commuters!

Needless to say, we won that fierce battle that shook the Earth and the Universe!

Look at my tiring and out of energy look...... Not only we have to deal with those villians, those smoke and dust particles in the air indeed makes thing difficult for us!

BUT, with out Crizal Lens weapon, nothing is impossible! See! Clear and clena lens after all that!

Tiring it was, we still have to continue our journey. After all, we were bestowed with the mission to save the world and to defeat all pressence of the evil so that clear vision could be brought upon the people!

Great changes took place within a few moments of our pressence within USS...... We suddenly teleported to........the land of the mystcal and magic..... Known as Far Far Away~

Just look at the number of people inside loitering around, trying to get hold of the magic!

The challenege lies within the main palace, where the Magical Prison was positioned. Held hostage were Pinnochio, and the three little pigs and many other magical creatures! WE MUST SAVE THEM and there was no doubt to that!

Being brave heros, we step in with other brave heros and heroines amongst the commuters, to conquer the ghost, who was deem on conquering this magical peaceful place! No way we are gonna tolerate that!

Just look at the number of us, on the journey to save Princess Fiona! And to get back the peace that this magical place deserves!

To further enhance our vision, we were given the 3D-Glasses. The palace prison was made to be 4D, such that we will experience the torture that the prisoners go through!

However, there is not a thing we will be worried about! Beneath the 3D glasses was our almighty Crizal Lens Spectacles! Even by trying to subdue us with water, we won't be affected because all the water droplets will glide off our lens! Thats how powerful we are!

As such, an easy breezy victory became ours! WUAHAHAHHA!

Being heros, we do have our hungry moments as well! After bringing peace to the Magical Far Far Away land, the King and Queen of that area treated us to a meal in one of their restaurants!

Yum yum! Just look at the food! THANKS KING AND QUEEN!

All the weapons needed a recharge! A boost from the healthy sunlight!
And look, no glare and reflections at all!

Then, we moved on to the mini forested area that belongs to all the cute animals from Madaggascar! They welcomed us with such great hospitality! All of us fell in love with those cute creatures!

It was worth it! They are actually trying to reward us after a whole day of conquering the evil and bringing peace to the whole USS! Awwwwwww! So cute and nice of them!

Mint and I! We are conquerers!

Hmmmmmm......Yong Wei and I! HAHAHA! All of us playing a fool!

Having a relaxing moment after all the battle for the whole day is indeed a NEED for all the heroes. And since we already set foot in a magical forest with such great views, of course, it will be great if we can have clear visions!

And see! The Crizal Lens still provide us with the crystal clear visions we need! Great relaxation!

After a moment of relaxing..... It seems like the sun is setting and our limit is gonna be up. It's either we evacuate the place or we will be trapped inside the land of USS, never to return....

Looking at the glimpse of light behind, it symbolises that peace prevails.
And with that, my heart is finally at ease to leave the place :]

And here is Junior, a friend of mine which I've made in the Jurassic Park! Aren't he cute?! HAH!

He wanna experience if the Crizal Lens is really that powerful and almighty, so he tried it on!

And he got what I described! Hell was he satisfied! WUAHAHAHAHA!

Departure was never a good thing to experience! Even though USS was shrowded with Evil when we first stepped in, but there are also kind souls around! And after all the whole day's effort of conquering and exterminating the evil of clear visions, all the more we have feelings for this place!

So, you can see how sad Yong Wei and I am! Haiz.... But I must say, good deed does has returns! Why do I say so? Because all the essence of the purity souls gathered together and was bestowed to me by the Angel of Peace!

And this was what I received, the Globe of Peace:

Once again, I really had great fun in USS. From making new friends to taking great photos and to conquering all the rides with my fellow comrades! Thanks a lot! And all this is only made possible with Crizal! MUACKS TO YOU ALL!

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