Friday, July 15, 2011

Domino's Pizza, Yum Yum!

How glad I was to be able to get invited to another food tasting session and this time it was at Domino's Pizza! I am sure that a lots of you out there will be asking "You mean Singapore has Domino's PIzza?!"

Domino's Pizza, is an outlet that sells pizza (like duh!), and is commonly known for its outlet oversea. Normally Singaporeans will not be familiar with this shop. So here I am, with great honours, gonna introduce you to their yummy pizzas as well as some of their new piping hot pizzas' creations!

Before that let's have a short introduction on Domino's Pizza!

Domino's is the world's leading pizza delivery because they have this policy of 30 minute delivery gurantee! Not even one second late, that's how on time they are :] And consumers like us are sure to love it, because we do not want to be hungry and we want hot piping food! What's more? They are the only pizza company that offer this 30 minute delivery gurantee! AMAZING!

To top up to that great offer, product satisfaction is guranteed, or else you can ask for refund or change for another pizza, free delivery and nett pricing! WOW!

In order to deliver new exciting products to us consumers, Donimo's has recently launched it tantalizing new Cheese Burst Crust! It is loaded with irresitible cheddar cheese sauce, in between two thin layers of crust! Yummy! Just thinking of it will make me drool! HAHA!

Alright, so I am gonna make you drool in front of your computer's screen RIGHT NOW! Let's go!

The staffs presenting and showcasing their new yummy inventions!

For all you know, this might be the best onion rings every! Just look at the color and you'll realise that it is very well deep fried! Also, when we opened the box of onion rings, the aroma of the whole food just makes you wanna get it right into your mouth! Yum yum yum yum!

These Golden Roasted Drummets are yummy as well! Small and cute yet tastes heavenly! Must try hor if you all are going to Domino's!

These bread actually tasted like Lay's Sweet and Sour Onion Chips! Its salty yet savoury at the same time! And the texture of the bread is very soft and the hotness still remains even after leaving it there a while. Yums <3

This is actually the page which we were shown. If you're placing an order at home, once you've placed your orders, this page actually shows you the process of your order! It shows you which current stage your order is at! Very high-tech and you are also able to keep track of the delivery timing as well! Such good business tactic!

After that, one by one, our pizzas show their "face" as all limelights are on them for the night!

First up we have: EXTRAVAGANZZA!!! It actually contains Beef pepperoni, cabanossi, ground beef, fresh onions, grren pepper, mushrooms and ripe olives! This is a world famous! So you gotta try it!

For spicy lovers out there, this CHILLI CHICKEN is just the right one for you! It tasted real spicy (but not to the extent that you'll keep drinking water la!)! It's tolerable for me though. But I still taste some tinge of spicyness to it, so I guess this must be real good! Love it!

The very classic, CLASSIC PEPPERONI! For thoe meat lovers, especially beef lovers, this is just the right one for you people! I find that this one really has the cheesy texture to it! And because it does not have a lot of ingredients, just generous portion of beef pepperoni and 100% mozerella cheese, it tastes damn good!

Why? Because to me, this dish is not that complex, so it's more simple, yet the taste is extraordinary. So you're actually able to savour the uniqueness of the whole pizza!

Classic Chic is up next! With smoked chicken breast, chicken sausage, onion, green pepper and ripe olive, a yummy chicken-ish pizza is ready to be served! I can see all the sausage lovers drooling already! When it is served to us, it's piping hot and every ingredient on it tasted great!

I guess this will be a hot favourite among young children for sure! Good for family with young kids!

And lastly, we have the all time favourite, HAWAIIAN PARADISE! I guess there is no need for me to introduce this to any of you already! It's just so common and well like by all! With 100% mozzerella cheese with succulent smoked chichken breast, turkey ham and juicy pineapples, WALAH! A perfect pizza served!

It tasted cheesy and sweet at the same time! The pineapple and cheese just go so well together!

And what's a meal to be completed without a good dessert?! This lava cakes, I must say, it's affordable at only $6.80 for Ala carte and only $3.80 for add-on with any regular pizza purchase!

Just looking at the exterior, it already look so good! Almost as good as those which you paid $10+ in restaurants and all! When I took my first bite, WOW! This is the best LAVA CAKE EVER! Just look at how rich the chocolate filling is!!! It's sweet, but not the extent which you will get sick of though. AND, it's served hot as well, so maintaing the texture and the flavour of it!

Thumbs up! I WANT MORE!

This trip was made to be a special one because we actually get to go into the kitchen area and MAKE A PIZZA OF OUR VERY OWN!!!!! OMG! That is so freaking cool! Too bad no camera allowed inside. But all I can say is that the whole process was very fun! From kneading the dough, to garnishing our pizzas, and baking it, scooping it out from the hot over and placing it into the box, everything was so fun!

Love this great experience! Thanks Domino's!

And here I am with my special creation: Chicken Sitting on Mushrooms! I placed lots of mushrooms on it as well as chicken breast! And all the other bloggers actually said that my Pizza has the most ingredients on it! HAHA. Actually can see eh? LOL.

And what's a blogger without camwhoring with others?! HAHA.

Bestie Angie and I! She's no longer an unfamiliar face anymore on my blog!

This is Christina and I! Met her at the previous Toast Box food tasting event!
We 2 are crazy peeps, I swear! Damn fun! HAHA.

The whole Domino's Pizza's crew gathered together, presenting us their cheer!

And guess what the bloggers do? Fish out our cameras and take photos lah! HAHA!

The whole awesome crew which accompanied us the whole night and I!

Photo at the counter! I look like the boss of the shop right?! HAHA! Joking :p

Not forgetting a group photo with all the bloggers!

Last photo before leaving the place! And Christina photobombed me! HAHA.

All I have to say is that, do head down to the nearest Domino's Pizza outlet now! They do serve very tasty pizzas! And also, the staffs are friendly. Because the concept of the stall is aimed for delievery, thus the outlet's atmosphere is very comfortable to be in!

I must say it is a great place for youngsters to hang out together for some pizza feast and gatherings or even family gatherings! You all have to try the pizzas to believe what I said! But I do believe just looking at the pictures, you all are drooling already because my stomach is definitely growling now as I am Blogging this!

HAHA! Till then, enjoy your pizzas now everyone!

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