Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fly With HTC Flyer!

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Recently there are various brands coming up with their very own Tablets.

Er.....this doesn't seem right. Not this tablet Benjamin!!!!

We have iPad by Apple, PlayBook by BlackBerry and even Galaxy Tab by SAMSUNG. By to me, my very very own favourite (not because it is sponsored so I am writing good things about it okay?!) will be the HTC Flyer by HTC!

TADAH! The new love of my life which is indisposable now!

Take a look at the sleek design of this tablet! It is very futuristic looking right?!

What's more fashionable will be that, it has a white leather casing that comes along with it!
Making me look so fashionable while carrying it around!

Now, I will do a short introductions of the specs of the whole product before telling you some of my favourite functions and the cool new functions of this gadget!
This Flyer actually makes use of the platform of HTC Sense, which I introduced to you back then when I recommended you all my new phone, HTC Incredible S. (Check it out HERE)

Size and Weight: 195.4 x 122 x 13.2mm, 420 grams
It is this freaking light, making it very convenient for you to bring around! PLUS POINT!

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm setreo arudio jack as well as using micro-USB!

Camera: A 5 megapixel color camera with auto focus and a 1.3 megapixel front camera, good for camwhoring. Especially for vain bloggers like us!

Memory: A whole lot of 32GB worth of space! RAM: 1 GB

Amazing specs isn't it?! Now you should know why I am so in love with it!

Look at the comparison of the Flyer (left) and my HTC Incredible S (right)!
Both are playing Angry Birds Rio, but obviously playing it on the Flyer is more shiok!

Wanna watch some good videos? Be it on YouTube or your own medis, your video will be displayed on the large 7-inch touch screen! GREAT ENJOYMENT to oogle at your idols!

Love reading books? A bookworm you are? No worries! You no longer have to carry around such thick and heavy books around anymore and cramped your whole bag up!

With the HTC Flyer, there is this function where you can purcahse eBooks online and read them!

Not only there is great convenience, you will feel that you're reading an actualy book! With the "flipping book" function! Cool max!!!! I enjoy reading books more now!

And in the box itself, I found this pen? What is it for eh? Hmmmm.....

Is it for eyebrow make up? YOU MUTS BE KIDDING ME, BENJAMIN!!!!

SEE?! You can actually scribble on it using that pen! OMG it's so cool!

Not only just scribbling, you can choose the functions as well! It can be a paint brush, highlighter or a pen! That's cool! You can actually highlight important notes or sentences which you like while reading the storybook as well! And, you can choose the color too! COOL!

Now you all should understand why I am so amazed to receive this product already am I right?! It is definitely not the same as other tablets! Be it in terms of size, weight and even the functions, this is definitely designed to suit the needs of us, Bloggers and for you guys out there who are working or studying!

Read your emails, Tweets and even playing any entertainment on it with great pleasure right now! Like I always like to tell people, you have to really try it before believing it! Like I said, I am not paid to comment and bootlick like how perfect this product is. Like any other things in this world, a things has 2 sides to ie, good and bad.

The only thing that I hope that this product can improve will be the grip. No doubt it is sleek and smooth textured. But I tend to find it a little bit difficult to hold on to it with ease, because I am afraid that it will slip off any time. So a better and improved grip to it will be fabulous! Also, I hope I am able to find very pretty casings for it! Till today, I've yet to find any products for it! Hope to find it soon ^.^

Lastly, I would like to say.........

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  1. you just succeeded in making me want to get a tablet just for reading la! haha And alice in wonderland is free lor! you should show something you purchased :x