Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yummy New Food At Toast Box!

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So, just last Friday, a few other Bloggers and I were invited to Toast Box at *SCAPE to try out a few of their new creations!

When we all talk about toasts, coffee or tea, we all will link back straight to the olden days where people uses small little vintage looking cups for their drinks, and to go along with it will be a few pieces of toasts.

Well, Toast Box is definitely one of the few places which we can visit to have some coffee and toasts. Not only that, just look at the environment, the whole atmosphere is just right for us to immerse in and enjoy and try to have some memories about the old days!

What's different will be that, Toast Box not only offers traditional toasts for us! They also try to add in some tinge or creativity and present to us different creations for us and for the modern society! How glad I was to be invited! Love to thanks NuffNang as well as Toast Box for the invitation!

So, let's see what I've managed to get on my taste bud!

Just look at this mountain of butter!

Instead of the modern coffee makers, Toast Box chose these traditional ones!

On a very hot weather condition, we were offered some cooling cold drinks to cool ourselves down! I chose this Mango Alove Vera! It actually tastes heavenly! It's not that sweet and it has some milkly taste and texture to it. The whole mixture is just fantastic! Not forgetting the bits and pieces of aloe vera and mango that you can chew on as you dirnk it! THUMBS UP!

After that, we were offered the very first toasts of the day! Well, from the above, it just seems to be like any other normal toasts, but if you were to look in between, whatever is being sandwhiched in betwee, they are actually.......

Hey Bee Hiam (some spicy tasting shrimps)! This is very very special! Normally, we will eat it with porridge, but this is definitely my first time eating it with toasts. I find not bad, but not everyone is able to get used to it, I suppose? Because this is more of a chinese ingredient with toasts. But I bet you will enjoy it once you taste it!

Next we were served with this plate of yummy tasting, Pork Floss Thick Toast!!! Yum yum!!! This is like the very classic type of toast! Normally in bakery shops, we can find pork floss buns easily! This taste kinda yummy too!!! It's like toasts with thin layer of condensed milk, and after that pork floss are sprinkled onto it!

It tastes salty and sweet at the same time! Nice combination!

*DRUM ROLLS* This is the new creation: Tom Yum Garlic Thick Toast!

This is very very unique, I must say! You all know that tom yum is both spicy and sour at the same time, yet Toast Box is so creative and daring enough to make it into a toast! But know what? It's a very successful creation! It tasteed just right, not being too spicy or sour, yet at the same time, you're able to as savour the traditional taste of the toasts!

What's different of this toast compared to the rest is that this is being toasted from the top, so that the garlic can be more evenly melted on the toast itself! How creative right?! MUST TRY!

Take a break and see how Bloggers are at work! HAHA.

This is a toast which kinda reflects the "flavour" of Singapore! OTAH THICK TOAST! Normally when we have otah with bread, it will be clammed in between two pieces of bun, whereas for Toast Box, they chose to do so by placing the whole big piece of Otah at the top!

I am very sure that Otah lovers will love this! When the toast was served to us, the otah was piping hot! And when you take the first bite into it, WOW HEAVEN INSTANTLY! Taste right with the toast! And sipping your drinks, OOOOOOOOOO that's life people! Go get it now!

This is my personal best favourite toast EVER! Butter Milk Thick Toast! Just by looking at it, you will know that it is very soft~ And indeed not only does it look soft, it IS soft! The texture of it when placing it in your mouth is just like eating candy floss! I'm not kidding!

Also, by toasting it with Butter and Milk, it makes the whole toast very yummylicious! The softness of the toast (I know it's a bit ironic because it's suppose to be a toast but it's soft, but who cares? It's nice!) it's just irresitable!

It is sweet, yet not to the extent where you will get sick of it! And it has the aroma of milk tingling around your nose! Wanna know if what I'm saying it's true?You just gotta try it out yourself! NO kidding around here!

And lastly, we were served this ice cream toast! You all must be thinking now that it is just a toast with ice cream, what's new? Other being special by serving with toast, what's reall amazing is the 3 different scoops of ice cream!

They are not normal flavoured ice cream! They are basically, kaya ice cream, Peanut Butter ice cream as well as coffee ice cream! Each and everyone of them tastes very unique! Especially the kaya one! I bet a lot of you out there have yet to taset kaya ice cream! With a scoop of ice cream, going along with the toast, it's just PERFECT!!!!!! This is definitely worth all my fingers and toes up!

Are you convinced now?! I finished the whole plate eh!

A picture with Jasmine outside Toast Box!

A picture with another pretty girl, Zhi Ying!

So head down to Toast Box outlets and enjoy the feasts!!!! It's worth it!

Just look at the promotion below!

Also, you can make your purchase a very meaningful one because part of your payment will be use as donation! See! Can enjoy nice food and do good deed! WORTH IT! So don't wait anymore! Head down to Toast Box and enjoy your toasts!

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