Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cure My Sensitive Teeth!

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Do you love cold desserts as much as I do? Just look at the yoghurt above! So yummy! Yet, I bet some of you out there might not be able to enjoy the full satisfaction of cold desserts because of your prominent problem of sensitive teeh!

So previously, I was invited to an event by Sensodyne and out of courtesy of the NuffNang peeps! Love them! The place was rather "ulu" but yet it gives off the vintage feel~ Love it!

Door with wordings, making it so special! With me, of course more special :p


Alright, this is Sharon, the organiser of the whole event, solely for us Bloggers! She is going to introduce to us the star of the day, which is the Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste! Just in case you guys are wondering, what is so special about it? I can tell it to you right now!

For the regular toothpastes which we are using, they actually only provides us with the service of protecting or whitening. However, the importance of repairing our damage teeth is essential as well! And I know you guys might be thinking that it is impossible to repair teeh without the help of dentist right?

So, let's go more in depth to the product!

This first special toothpaste that not only protect your teeth, but also repairs it actually contains this special element known as NovaMin! Sounds very profound? Let me break down to you the uses of it!

1. It reacts with saliva when in contact with one another and it will help to repair the ares of our teeth with exposed dentine

2. It forms a protective layer on our damaged teeth to remineralize the surface

3. Scientifically proven to work below the gum line, thus providing direct relief to the root surface


And all you have to do, is to brush your teeh twice daily, with the Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste! It's just that simple and easy!

This is like a marvellous amazing product! Just by looking at the advantages of it, I already wanted to get my hands on the product. But, we do have to try on to know it's effect right? HAHA!

So anyway, here are the awesome bloggers present at the event! (Photo credits: Christina Babe)!

We were told by Sharon that we will each be doing the chill test, to test out our sensitivity level of our teeth! Basically, we are required to consume ice cream, followed by a hot beverage, and we are to comment what is the pain level when we consume the individual items.

Ya, so that acted as a rating of our sensitivity level. And below is like a demonstration of how we should do it :]

Yups! I did my test (not gonna show you the unglam photos!) and each of us received this super duper not sold in the market (I guess?) Sensodyne Toothpast Tool Box package! So kawaii!!!

I actually like it a lot! HAHA. Can use to store things also leh! WUAHAHAHA!

And inside the tool box, we were presented with a Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste and a Sensodyne toothbrush!I switched mine to a blue one! LOL!

After that, a mini buffet lunch/tea break was provided for us! So good lor the privileges! Just look at the whole table of yummy food!!!

Chose the yummy chicken wings and egg with cheese sandwhich!!! Yums yums!

After the event, we went out to the outdoors and have some photo taking session! How can you guys forget about a photo of myself :p

Floral collored shirt: By edits

A blurry yet very chio photo of us Bloggers!

Nice and warm feeling looking photo of all the blogger! Thanks Christina again for this photo!

So here again, is the photo of the almighty toothpaste in its tool box packaging!


So I've used it for at least one week, and I find that it is quite amazing! Given the fact that I used it for only 1 week or so, I actually do see improvements in my teeth sensitivity! Previously, I wil feel a sharp pain while concuming cold ice cream, but after using this toothpaste, I find improvements in it!

No, it does not recover entirely (since I used only 1 week), but at least, I do not feel such sharp pain as before! That is like a head start to good and healthy teeth! Also, what I like about this toothpaste will be the fact that, it does not creates lots of foam when we use it! Which I find it to be very good! Because, who will want to make a big mess with all the foams! HAHA.

Also, for those people out there who do not like minty "flavour" lingering around your mouth everydya, this is the toothpaste for you! The "taste" is not that strong, so you won't be panting away in "spicyness" while brushing your teeth! And surprisingly, although being not as minty, it still gives you the freshness right after we rinse our mouth! So, I will definitely recommend this product to you people out there with sensitive teeh!


So hope you guys get your hands on this product too! See you guys till then!

p/s: All the photos here are unedited except for those from Christina because I wanna test out just how good the photo quality can be! And they turn out to be perfect! Also, the room was uquite dark, so Photoshopping it, will make the photo to be very dark.

All opinions, views and contents expressed herein are emtirely mine and GSK has no control or input in the content. A producy sample of Sensodyne Repair & Protect toothpaste was provided to me but I am not otherwise compensated by GSK

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