Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hmmm.....this post is definitely OVERDUE TTM! Like one month ago, my family and I decided to pay a visit to the zoo! HAHA. Some of you might not know, but I have this "tradition" that every year I must visit the zoo at least once!

I know it is weird but I LOVE visiting the zoo! It may sound extremely childish to some of you guys but, don't you all find joy and freedom when seeing those animals? Hm...for me it does wonder! LOL.

So the first animal I paid my visit to, was the White Tiger, after a long period after the incident that happened previously. Was trying to spot for the one that did the murdering. Can you guys spot which one is it? Because I can't. Haha :p

They're fur is so extremely chio!

This time round, my family and I brought the Angel in our house along with us! She's our maid, and her name is indeed, Angel. LOL. I know it may sound funny, but it's because her actualy name, does have some similarity with Angel. And it's easier for my grannie to address her as well, thus the name. Hee hee.

That's her below, posing and smiling happily feeling all excited going to the zoo with us!

If you all take a look closely at the ground, you will spot some of these creatures
which are extremely good at hiding themselves!

Awwwwww....Lovey dovey birdies kissing one another!

How can I allow a blogpost without my face in it :p

Aren't those monkeys above just so adorable! I do not know their exact name, but think they belong to those Japanese monkeys? HAHA. Those that will enjoy themselves in those hot springs. Am I right? LOL. Well, it is scientifically provent that humans are like future generations of monkeys right?

I think it is really so....Just look at the photo below!

It is like a non-erected dick! Exactly likea man's, maybe not that red though. Hee hee!

Think they might actually look better with underwears on? Hmmm...good suggestion!

So, what is a zoo trip without watching any animal show?!I was lucky to be on time to watch the elephant show! Interesting creatures and it was sure a good laugh for my family and I! Despite the hot killer weather~

Take a look at this chimpanzee!!! So kawaii!!!! How can you guys not love going to zoo?!

My favourite animal other than pandas itself, it MUST be the penguins!!!!!!!! Cannot believe that I am able to see them wobbling and swimming right in front of my eyes! Just wondering....how are they even able to withstand such heat when they are used to the cold weather? Hmmmm.....

I find this shot damn nice and it's like a moment kinda thing!

SCARY AND HUMONGOUS CROCODILE!!!! How can people love products made from its skin?!

Cuteness? Understatement!

Beautiful being that live in this world, yet their beauty does not last long.... Butterflies...

It suddenly flew to my shirt......Attractive me? Hee hee *shy*

Then to my hand! Double confirm I AM attractive :p Cos Butterfly loves me! HAHA!

The 2 animals above are very lovely! Before that, they were actually trying to open one of the tourist's water bottle. So, I guess they must be very clever to know that there ar ewater inside and they must have been very thirsty! So, I opened my bottle and poured out some water for them on the floor!

Tadah! You get a photo of 2 cute animals drinking the water you just emptied from your water bottle

Pervertic animals sure do exist in the zoo eh O.O This bat has birdie and balls too. Cooooooooool~

And ya, the butterly remained on my hands for 45 minutes before flying away! HAHA.

Talk about being flirty, it is in animals too eh? Hmm.....one wife and two concubines?

I love this shot a lot!!! For some reason, it looked so professionally taken! RIGHT?!

Meh~ Or bah~ I only know that you are so freaking cute! (Limited vocab to describe animals)

"I wanna get out of here!!!!" *bites cage*

"Cannot eh.... think I try biting the lock then, better and easier I guess" *bites lock*

"Aiya, for get it! Just take photo with BenVoda sua" *camwhore* LOL!

My $5 shades which complemented well with my outfit that day!
Good and cheap! Serves me well!

Happy Angel with those goat goats!

Ending this post abruptly with a photo of my posing! Cute not?! LOL! *shameless as usual*

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