Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Previously, way many weeks back.... I was gladly invited by HTC to attend their annual HTC Likes Award, and this year is their first year! So proud of me to be there :] Also, Tyler was invited as well! Do read his blog HERE is you are a KPOP fan! He is like a KPOP Blogger people! Do check it out!

The both of us were VERY early for the event. So early to the extent that both of us are the only few in the big hall itself! Never have I been so early for an event before. HAHA. Bloggers are known to be late....LOL.

Both of us were grumbling how hungry we were because no food or drinks are allowed into the hall...Damn...So we can only complain. Haha. After waiting like 1 hour plus (Yes, we are THAT early), the pretty emcee of the night appeared and started to kick off the event! It started off with inviting our very hot and popular idol...........

JAY PARK TO THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone in the hall was practically screaming out loud and he wasn't even going to sing yet! He was just invited up to the stage to give out the award to the Best Fahion Looking person or something like that... And you know what?! Our very own friend, Hellven, won it!!! As expected la actually!

The winners for that night are very lucky because they each manage to get themselves a handset of the HTC Chacha phone! Not bad and some other goodies! Congrats!

Next up, is the real performance that will hype up the whole hall! I guess a lot of you have seen more song covers being posted on YouTube and whenever people mention about song covers, immediately they will think of this twin sisters, JAYESSLEE!!!! Yes! They were present that night!

Guess what? A lot of guys actually cheered for them (including me >.<)! Hiak hiak, the charm of the twin sisters eh? LOL.

Just look at how pretty they were! And if you wanna see how stable their singing was and how good they are at singing live, watch the video below! It's as though we are hearing it from a record album!

Next up, is our very own local star idol, Derrick Hoh! He's very charming, much more charming as compared to him previously when he was still in a local singing competition. He has made it far I believe, going to Korea for dancing training and he's very popular in Taiwan now as well!

Good job! Another proud idol MADE IN SINGAPORE!

As usual, whenever Derrick is on stage, there is this particular song that he will sing, and invite a female fan of his up on stage and he will have close contact with her! HAHA! I remember my friend cried over this previously when we watch his performance in the indoor stadium. EPIC!

Then we had a short break and started to give out another award which is the fast moving fingers award! Contestants are to type out the above message on the screen, exactly the same on the HTC ChaCha and the first one to do so, wins! Stress max!

How can we actually just leave Jay Park behind the scenes?! SO HE WAS UP NEXT! Bringing a lot of cheers and hyped up ladies and some gentlemen in the hall!!! He's so handsome!!! OMG! Wanna be like him! Broad shoulders, big chests!!! Everything about him is so good looking!! *salivates*

Even his starting position for his new song, Abandoned, is so suave!!! OMG!!! JAY PARK!!!

And lastly, all the stars which were present at the night, each have a autographed handset to be sold to the highest bid! And Jay Park has his sold to this lucky......DUDE!

Now I'm jealous! Not only he won the phone, he also manage to take a picture with Jay Park!! ARGH

And we ended our night with some country songs by Plain White Ts!

Here, I will like to thanks HTC once again for inviting me! Of course I hope that I am able to attend more of such event! And I am starting to feel that I am part of the HTC family (thick skin) because not only the people are nice, they also gave me sponsors though I am not that famous!
So thanks a lot! LOVE YOU GUYS! Special shoutout to Ian!!!

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