Friday, August 5, 2011

Sesitive Teeth Still?

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So previously I've introduced to you guys about the new product that Sensodyne has came up with and GSK has proudly presented to us few bloggers. If you've forgotten what the product is, it is basically the Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste and you can read it HERE!

Recently, one week after our first session at the event, all the bloggers were once again invited back for our second session! Wanna see the differences in us? Take a look at the photo below!

Look at all the happy smiles!!! We are all SATISFIED with the product!

Basically, as I mentioned before, this new product of Sensodyne is to help those people with sensitive teeth to tackle the root of their problem. Literally, the root. Why is this so? So, let me have another short introduction on how do we actually get sensitive teeth, which exposed ourselves to sharp pain.

Take a look at the diagram below:

The one on the left is the structure of normal healthy teeth of an individual. However, there are times when the gums of the tooth will reced, thus exposing the tooth roots. As a result, when we are consumin cold items or hot stuffs, we will experience sharp pain.

Some of you might be like me, who is wondering "How on Earth do our gums recede?!" I know it is kinda amusing right? But I consulted the dentist who attended to me on the first session and she explain that: It could be due to the reason that we brush out teeth too hardly at times, thus the force that was applied to the gums were tremendous. So, the gums will be "injured" and reced as a result, which lead to the exposing of the roots.

So a simple advice to you people out there will be that "Do not brush your teeth too hard"!

Alright, once again, we were told to go through the chill test again, with the Ice Cream as well as a cup of hot tea! And this is how the shooting goes about (something like how I do my Vlog):

It was kind of weird for me to talk and express myself with so many people looking at me, while speaking to the video cam. But, I mean why not just give it all since it's a Blogger event! Be Sporty!

Well, previously my rating was as follow:
Ice cream: 2/10
Hot tea: 0/10

And after using the Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste:
Ice cream: 1/10
Hot tea: 0/10

That is a great improvement consider the fact that I only used the product for a week (twice daily)! And if within, one week, I am able to see improvements in my teeth sensitivity, I believe it will work much more better in future! Not because it is sponsored, then I am promoting it, but it really does help!

Enjoy some of the photos below of the happy users of Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste!

MiyoMOMO and I!!! She is one crazy girl! YAY! Crazy partying together! (Oh ya! I was styling to be like a fashion nerd that day because we were having a mini photoshoot among ourselves!)

Trying to take a group pic but Mirai's finer cut in and cut me off!!!! RAWR!!!

Christina (Huneyz), Miyo and I!!!!! We 3 are a crazy bunch! Damn AA also! LOL.

A group picture with Amanda in it because she is leaving NuffNang!!!! OMG la, damn sad :'(
(I look fat in the picture but is buff hor! LOL.)

Anyway, here is a piece of good news for you guys out there! I am doing this blog post to introduce to you guys the new toothpaste product by Sensodyne, however you guys might not be convinced about the effectiveness of it based on my own opinion.

So, Sensodyne and GSK is very nice to set up a local website and you guys can visit and you will come to this page:

After that, take note at the bottom right corner, there is link you can click on, showing "Free Sample"! Yes people, you can get your hands on some free samples of the new product ofr Sensodyne, which is the almight "Sensodyne Repair and Protect" toothpaste!!!!

All you have to do, is to CLICK on it.

Then you will come to this page, requiring you to fill in your personal particulars! Just fill it in! NO worries, it is definitely not some hacking website people!

After 2 weeks or so, your free samples will arrive right at your doorstep! Isn't that great?! You do not have to do much, just have to fill in the particulars and walah! Free samples and you're on your way to sensitive-free teeth from that day onwards!

Do share it among your family and spread the words of this new product to your friends experiencing sensitive teeth as well! It works, and you can start from yourselves first! So what are you waiting for?! Go grab yours now!

All opinions, views and contents expressed herein are entirely mine and GSK has no control or input in the content. A product sample of Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste was provided to me but I am not otherwise compensated by GSK

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