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CoCoICHIBANYA: The Yummy Curry Rice!

Always troubled over what you want to have for a meal? I do have that moment at time too! And it is indeed very troubling and irritating, especially when you've VERY hungry!

At times.......I could go a bit cranky.... real cranky....

I always adore eating my rice or meal with curry gravy, and it is indeed very yummy to have our food along with thick and hot curry gravy! And I've actually confirmed my love for curry rice, after my trip to Japan, where I tasted some the curry which are so thick in texture, with the right taste that lingers in your mouth~

So recently, I was glad to be invited by CalvinTimo (Visit his wonderful yummy-licious Blog HERE) to have a food tasting session at the Best and Well Known curry rice restaurant, CoCoICHIBANYA!

Yummy tasting curry rice at an affordable price!

I shall do a short introduction of CoCoICHIBANYA:

"CoCoICHIBANYA is the famous curry house from Japan with 30 years experience in Japanese food business, which offers a great variety of Japanese Curry with unique and creative style along with the best quality ingredient to make tasty curry rice.

CoCoICHIBANYA is the largest curry chain in the world in terms of the number of branches, with around 1,200 branches located in many countries such as Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong"

And recently it has arrived in Singapore!!!!!

Let's first introduce to you the Bloggers present during the food tasting session!!!!!

(Right bottom in clockwise direction: CalvinTimo, Leon, Conan, Fenny, Angie and Yours Truly!)

Salivating just by looking at those curry rice dishes on our table? I am here to introduce to you the dishes!!! Here we go~

Must show you how serious we treat each event!!! NO slacking one hor!!!

Pork Cutlet Curry with Cheese

This curry rice dish, is served with hot pork cutlet, with melted cheese on top. Personally, I LOVE cheese a lot! So this dish is like designed for my appetite! In my opinion, I actually find that the cheese and the curry do compliment each other and they do not have any clash in terms of taste at all.

The curry is also cooked such that it's thick and the cheese seems to melt within the curry itself too. So, thumbs up for the curry and cheese combination!!! Not forgetting the pork cutlet itself, I feel that it is yummy, with crispy tecxture on the outside and tender on the inside. However, I do find difficulties chewing them at times.

Just look how how nicely the cheese and curry is being mixed together! Nice presentation too!

Hashed Beef and Rice

This dish does "opens up" your appetite! Definitely serve well as an appetiser too!!!

The taste of the dish is more to the sour and spicy taste. It tasted very unique and what's great about this dish is that, it tasted sour, yet not to the extreme. As such, I must say that the chefs have a great control over the taste to suit Singaporeans. Definitely worth a try for a different tasting and unique curry.

The beef is very tender and they are being sliced thinly such that it's easier for us to chew and can go along with the rice as well. Overall, I do love this plate of curry rice!

Fried Chicken Curry with Rice

Any chicken lovers out there? Love to munch on crispy pieces of chicken? This is the right one for you!!!!!! With the small pieces of fried chicken being laid out on the dish, I can actually smell the dish when placed right in front of me.

And without a doubt, I was real tempted to munch on the chicken when it was first served onto the table. It looks like the popcorn chicken we have in KFC, but in bigger size and of course, much more crispy and more addictive to munch on! Some of the fried chicken was also mixed in the curry itself.

And to my surprise, although being dipped and mixed in the curry, the fried chicken still tasted crispy when placed into my mouth!! It is not soggy and soft like what we expect it to be. That's pretty amazing and I definitely give both thumbs up for that!

Creamed Mushroom Omelet Curry

The first impression I had when I first saw this yummy dish was that "Hey! It looks like the pataya rice I had in school!" Yups, just like the pataya rice, the rice is wrapped within a nicely cooked omelet. In this particular dish, it was served in curry and also, creamed mushroom!

Curry with rice and egg is not much of a weird combination. However, many will be taken aback when heard that it is served with creamed mushroom too! But trust me, it's the MOST heavenly tasting curry rice I had! My personal favourite for the whole night actually!!!

Just like the curry, the creamed mushroom is thick in texture as well! Everything goes well together when placed into our mouth, and onto our taste buds! I always love creamy stuffs yet one will get sick of it easily. But this creamed mushroom does not taste gelat at all! In fact, it makes one crave more for it!! So do head down and try it! MY TOP RECOMMENDATION!!

A close up photo of it to make you HUNGRY!!! WUAHAHAHA!

Just in case you're vegeterian, I will like to highlight that the curry is actually made with beef stock as part of the ingredient itself! As such, if you are a vegeterian, do tell the nice and polite waiter that you are a vegeterian so that the curry that they served to you is suitable for you :]

Also, the curry do have rating and level too!!! For the normal type of curry, they have 5 different levels of spicyness! Level 1 being the least spicy and level 5 being the spiciest! Personally, I am able to take all the different types of level, however I think in order to enjoy fully the taste of the curry and the other ingredients that go along with the dish, level 3 is actually the most suitable.

But putting that aside, it is definitely up to your own preference!

Do head down to the outlet in Singapore now! Information are as follows:-

313@Somerset, Basement 3 Unit Number 25/26/27

Operatin hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am-11pm

Contact Number
+65 6636 7280

And do join the FaceBook page now to support them!

Do head down to try out now and share your experience with us!!! Have some yummy-licious experience!!!!

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