Friday, September 23, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 1!

Hi there guys! It's been a long nong nong time since I've ever blogged a proper post, shame on me! Well, exam stress for Prelims and A Levels have done this to me! But anyway, if you followed me on Twitter, you would have know that I actually went on a short trip to Hon Kong, for 4 days, back then during the one week September Holiday!

It was damn sudden. It went like this, Thursday night, I came back from an outing with my friends, and the moment I step into the house, my mum just told me "Hey boy, we are going to fly to Hong Kong this Saturday. So, you only got tomorrow to pack your luggage." My jaws immediately opened wide and my eyes went literally --> O.O HAHA.

So, of course I was happy luh!!!! Come on man, the prelims was killing me and I REALLY needed a break and of course, overseas will be great! HAHA. And what's more, going to Hong Kong is like a paradise leh! OF COURSE GO!!!!!

So, we took our flight and we reached Hong Kong (o^.^o)

You bet I was real happy!!!!

My happy daddy and mummy on board bus :p My daddy tummy so cute!
But he don't drink eh O.O

Actually, one of the thoughts that I have for this trip is that, I feel rather different? Because when I was 6 years old, I visited HK too. But back then, I was very young, so I didn't really bother much about shopping, fashion and even scenery etc. All I knew was that I was in a different country, and I just wanna play.

Now, after 12 years, I am back in HK again, the things that I took noticed of is very different now. I started looking and noticing the different cultures that they practiced as compared to Singapore itself. And also, not forgetting the fashion sense of the people too!

So, I must say, going overseas does make one reflect about their own thoughts.

And, after a relatively long trip from the airport, I reached my hotel at Kowloon and of course, must camwhore first lah!!!

I love this picture a lot! And I swear no PhotoShop was done to my face except the color of the picture!!! It is actually the natural lighting that makes my complexion good!

Outfit of the day: My vintage faded brown pants with my favourite cute train tee!!! Hee hee!

Feeling a bit hungry, because the plane's food was never enough to fill our hungry tummy! And this time rounds, our trip was a bit special because we are meeting some of our relatives, who are Singaporean, living in HK now! So, before meeting them right after we reached our hotel, we went to explore the area near us and we ended up in this HK Cafe!

I totally love how the HK Cafe reaturants looked like! Such cosy feeling!

I just feel at ease and comfortable being in cafe like this in HK!

How can you not order Iced Yuan Yang or Iced Milk Tea in HK?! MY FAVOURITE!!!

Miss my face or not?! Ok la, show you all ok? With my favourite Iced Yuan Yang :p

I wanted to order something small and yummy.....and this came to my table! It's freaking huge serving but yummy lah!! OMG, bloated max back then!

So, at night, we met our relatives and they are so funny and they are indeed very happy kinda people! It's so nice to be around them! So we went dinner together!

They brought us to this restaurant, which they said that whose food are damn yummy!

So amusing to see an open kitchen concept in such high class restaurant!

First dish of the night was a winter melon soup! It's damn sweet and yummy!

Can you guess what is this?! It looks like roast duck right?! But it's actually ROAST GOOSE!!!!

Just look at how cute the rice were being served to us!!!

We went to Ladie Market, which was just very near our hotel, after bidding farewell to our relatives! And wow! Ladies Market is a heaven! Cheap and chio stuffs!

Bought these curry fishballs! They tasted different from Singapore's ones because these are much more chewy and I think not everyone will be a fan of it.

And lastly, how can I forget my friends when I am oversea?! Mum took this photo so she said "Like that then can prove to your friend, you bought things for them using your onw money mah!" LOL SHE SHO FUNNY!!!!

I know this is very abrupt ending, as usul.....but if you can't wait to see what I got in total for my 4D3N HK trip, you can visit my Vlog of my HK Hauls HERE! Bye peeps!!! Stay tune for more!!!!

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  1. Back-reading some of your latest posts. (: You don't look that BIG! Hehehe. Plus, I like the emo photos in your Japan trip!