Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip To Visiting Mt. Fuji

I've been rather lazy in Blogging about ALL my trips overseas, especially my trip to Japan last year, which was in December...gonna be the one year mark already and I've yet to blog much about it.

So, today I've decided to blog about the beautiful trip which I've made an attempt to visit the fabulous Mt. Fuji! A lot of nice pictures were taken, and I do not mean about myself. It's about the scenery, which makes me felt relaxed back then.

Before every trip, there is always a starting point..... And we started our trip to see the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji by taking the train of course, HAHA!

Finally reached a quarter of the whole destination after an hour's trip!

HAHA! I love all these convenience shops which sells yummy food!!!

Got myself this Doraemon Chocolate Biscuit!! Om nom nom!

Taking another train service up in the mountains to go further up!

Along the way up in the various trains and train stops, I actually saw quite a number of funny notice boards with hilarious translations, HAHA! Good for laugh though, hee hee!

Finally reached the halfway stop, and we took a walk along this park! AND OMFG, it was such a view and atmosphere! With the cold win blowing against my face, accompanied with the cold breeze, I was definitely living in that moment and hope that I can freeze the time!

And here, is where the magic begins.....

Being immersed in such a mgical atmosphere (Bet you can see for yourself),
I must have a family photo taken right?!?!?! Muahahaha!

Ooops, such big face of mine, got stunned?! Hope it's for a good cause :p

There are many of such dried flowers all around the ground!
icked this up and brought it back home with me :]

Remember I was talking about those hilarious direct translations of the notice boards? Here are some more! Enjoy and hope you have some good laugh!

Artistic enough or not?! HAHAHAHA!

We took the train service, again, and moved further up. Being only like halfway through getting to seeing Mt. Fuji, we were already awed at the magnificent view that we saw! So, I was really expecting more for me to see and experienced as I took the train service further up!

Never did I expected that I could actually see.................SNOW!!!! I thought it was just a cold weather that I am experiencing, but WOW! SNOW!!!! HAHA! More real than those in Snow City, LOL. #swakukia

I love this shot! It actually feels like a fairytale setting! HAHA.

HAHA! Bought these bottles of tea leaves and decided to do a photoshoot for them :p

And of course, must take photo of our lovely lunch in a restaurant that is located in the middle of the mountains, with beautiful view just right outside the window!

After lunch, we took a walk, so as to digest the food better and to fully enjoy the view too. We moved up to this mountain, said to be a volcano (?), ya, so basically all the smoke that you see are like heat being released. And trust me, the smell of sulphur is damn strong and stinks! LOL.

No choice, what to do? We want to see nice nice scenery mah. HAHA!

KAWAII FAT FAT CAT!!!!! Even the cat looks so Japanese. HAHA!

All the climbing is DEFINITELY worth it, if you manage to see this kinda view.....

Artsy fartsy looking photo! SO STYLISH can appear in fashion magazine :p HAHA!

My dad trying to act cute with the frozen ice/snow in his hands. HAHA! Damn hilarious!

You must be thinking that it is stupid to eat ice cream in such cold weather! But this is a MUST!
Why? Because it is wasabi flavoured!!!!! It tasted nice actually, not too strong the taste!

Took the cable car service downhill this time so we can take the ferry. Well, just our luck, Mt. Fuji was covered by the clouds back then...but we managed to get some peek of the snowy white top of the mountain itself. So, not too bad though. HAHA.

Took this ferry to the other side of the island to visit
the temple which is good for relationship wishes. HAHA.

A museum in the middle of the place which shows some traditions and history of Japna.
Mainly about Samurais, Geishas and Ninjas. Quite interesting!

More of the dreamy sceneries! How I wish I can stay there forever with my beloved partner!

Italian Vogue High Fashion shoot in Japan! Can make it or not?! Die die must say yes arh! LOL!

And finally we reached the bottom of the temple....and yes, we have to climb lots of stairs!!!
So much effort put in to show our offerings etc. So hope my relationship life is good!

I look kinda fat and bloated here, my face....But who cares, think overall not bad luh~

I think this photo damn nicely taken lo... Is like a drama's scene or something when I am thinking of my love right outside the temple. Aiyo, such deep meaning! Awww~

Well, the sun starts to set down and everything starts to blend to the night...

And, my first virgin experience of witnessing a sunset is given to Japan... Finally get to witness a sunset right in front of my eyes!!!

We slowly made our way back to Tokyo and have our dinner after meeting up with our cousin who did not went along with us to the mountains because she chose to go Ginza etc to shop instead. But after she saw the photos I took, she kinda regretted haha! But I didn't regret :]

Being like the last night in Japan, of course try to soend a memorable one, so we had dinner in this restaurant which I've been eyeing to dine in since the first day I stepped into Japan, near our hotel's area! HAHA!

And yea! The food is damn nice and yummmmmmyyyyy!!!!

And ending with this group photo of my cousin and parents!!!!

I really miss Japan a lot and I hope that I can go there again! This time I hope I can treat my parents a trip there! Also, I wish I can visit Japan with my partner in future as well!!! That is definitely a suitable romantice place for couples!!!

This day out of my 7 days trip to Japan must be the best because I was away from the buzzling city and totally immersed myself in the quiet and peaceful environment of Japan. Something which is hard to experience in Singapore.

And of course, holiday is all about relaxing! This is what it should be!

So, goodbye and thanks for reading this post! Hope you all love the photos posted up here! Spent time trying to make them look more dreamy!!! HAHA! Do comment!


  1. Yoyo! You look so different last time :) Your complexion is so much better now, care you share your skin care regime?

  2. I was in Japan in August visiting my boyfriend. We had such a great time. But it sure was humid. I love being there. My dream for my next trip will be to do what you did here and go to Mount Fuji. So far, I've only seen it in the distance from the shinkansen on the way from Osaka to Hiroshima. Thanks for the great travel photos and story.

  3. To anonymous 1: My complexion? I don't really have a skin care regime eh... Basically I think drinking lots of plain water helps. That's what I did. Just drink lots of plain water, it will like helps to make your skin complexion better.

    Sleep in adequate amount helps too!!! Though I don't really sleep early. haha! And always clean and wash your face. Guess that helps too, for me at least. HAHA. May I know who are you on Twitter etc? HAHA. No need scared!

  4. To Anonymous 2:

    Thanks! And you sure must visit the place with your boyfriend the next time!!! I believe it's a romantic place for couple to immerse in!!! Go during the year end, so it's much cooler ^.^

    And thanks for complimenting on it!!! Hope you will continue to support my Blog and spread to others :] HAHA!!! I would also like to know who are you, so it's easier to do shoutout be it on Twitter or anywhere! Have a nice day!

  5. Sorry, I'm "anonymous 2" and should have included who I was. And I definitely like Springtime in Japan. Haven't been in Autumn or Winter yet so maybe that will be the next time and can go to Mt. Fuji then.

  6. Hi @japfoneez !!! Thanks for commenting! I do wish to visit Japan in autumn too!!! Think springtime is gonna be very hot right? HAHA!