Sunday, October 2, 2011

CoCoICHIBANYA Curry House VIP Launch Party

Thanks to CalvinTimo once again, we are being invited to the CoCoICHIBANYA Curry House VIP Launch Party on last Friday! Well, I've already introduced the various recommendations of the food in my previous Blogpost, so this will be a PhotoBlog of the event that very night!

We were like one of the few early birds to arrived, an practically, no one was there yet except for the organisers. Punctual much for the first time? HAHA.

Drinks were being served to us that very night, other than soft drinks, we also have Tiger beer too! This is how big the event is. And because we have nothing much to do, we just......camwhore la! That's what Bloggers do best. HAHA XD

Beautiful Fenny and I!

Handsome and cute CalvinTimo and I :]

Er.......childish and act cute BenVoda, yours truly :p *SHAMELESS*

The two handsome photographer, Conan and Leon!!!! HAHA.

HAHA! Talking about Conan, Calvin and Leon, there is actually some inside joke and story among us all. It's damn funny how the three of them have stalkers now!!!! Hee hee :p So xing fu and lucky!

All the beautiful flowers and gifts people presented to CoCoICHIBANYA!

Hardworking and pretty and handsome staffs that night! Good job!

Now here is actually another highlight of the night's event. On this VIP launch Party, Mediacorp artiste such as "On The Fringe" actors, Edwin Goh, Ian Fang and also other handsome and bauties such as Elvin Ng, Rebecca Lim were there too!

And needless to say, a crowd of fangirls and fanboys are gathered outside too. Man, they sure overwhelmed the whole lot of us! And they sure build up the whole atmosphere ^.^

Fenny taking group photo with a bunch of pretty fangirls of Ian Fang!

Utt makes his appearance a handsome one!

And there you go, picture of the cool looking Edwin Goh! And the fangirls were all screaming loudly! He sure is a lucky boy now. HAHA!

Handsome or not? HAHA, salivating now already right? LOL XD

Ian appears and get all the girls' hearts pounding real hard and fast!
And he sure was VERY friendly by taking photo with EVERY SINGLE fan of his!!!

All the stars gathered to have a group photo!!!

Official launch of the CoCoICHIBANYA outlet in Singapore!!!!!!

Everyone says cheers and to congratulate the grand opening of the FIRST outlet in Singapore!!!

I really do enjoy the food there! And I've went there again with Conan and Calvin tonight, and man, there was a long queue waiting just to eat the curry rice! This goes to show that people have faith in their dishes and are willing to queue for it!

Angie poped up with her mum as well! HAHA. So, do head down to Somerst @ 313, B2-25/26/27 NOW to try their curry rice, best in the world!!!

Operating hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 11pm

Tel: +65 6636 7280

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