Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Compilation Of My Hard Efforts!

Hi everyone! Blogging for me has come a long way....I've been blogging for almost 5 years and all along I've been only blogging and of course, trying to improve on my contents etc.

But I've also come to realise that, the blogsphere is no longer just about blogging. In order to really shine (for good reasons), we have to keep experimenting and be daring to try out new things. So, I no longer restrict myself to only Blogging in texts but also turn to making videos!

Well, I must say that it is relatively difficult for me to start doing videos because I seriously feel very weird talking to a camera myself. It's just weird....trust me. But of course, why would I let this bring me down and stop me from trying?! Since then, I've been trying my best to improve on my speech and actions too.

And I am glad that I've seen some results! Because people actually recognises the characters which I've "created" in my videos, such as the most popular one which will be Mr. Pomelo! I really appreciate it! And so, this blog is actually just to show you guys all the videos I've done up to date and of course.....still continuing to do so!

So, Please support and subscribe to my YouTube channel at --> www.youtube.com/BenVoda

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