Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Favorite October Buys!

Hi there my beloved readers!!! What have you all been doing this October?! HAHA. For me, I am currently busy preparing for my upcoming A Levels in just like 20 days? Gosh, that's damn scary. I swear that it is NOTHING like O Levels at all.

Still remembered that O Levels period, I wake up every morning and had a plate of oreo cheesecake in front of my comp while watching Boys Over Flowers and with a pot of my favorite milk tea. I know damn relax right?! Now cannot eh! If I were to do that, I can kiss goodbye to my SMU dream! Tsktsk. Fate of Singaporean Kids....

Well, but of course being busy with studies is one thing and I should NEVER forgo my relaxing time as well! What's more satisfying than retail therapy, buying items which you love and be owners of them?! HAHA, works perfectly for me! So I am gonna show you some of the good buys I had and share with you guys on where you can get them!

So first up is this black Superman Tee that I am wearing!!!! Erm...I am actually not a very big fan of Superman, but I just love Superman tees.. What irony, I know right? Hee hee. I simply cannot resist them man! They just look simple, yet smart at the same time!

What's more?! Black and Gold has always been my favorite combination of colors of ALL TIME! They just go so well with one another and they actually give off the "I am super classy" vibes to others! On top of that, black and gold are such classic combination that you will look good wearing them!

See! Just simple tees like this can actually make one person look relatively good already! Just be comfortable in what you wear, like I said, who state that you have to wear very fashionable and extravagant pieces of clothings to tell others who you are? Nope, you don't!

And this piece of tee is only for $29! It is considered cheap, compared to its previous retail price of $100+ LIKE WOW! You can get it at the DC COMICS ORIGINAL shop at Bugis, along the stretch same as MacDonald's ! All tees are selling at $15-$39, around the price! Worth the buy!

Next two items will be on Fred Perry! Sure, hear of this name and you will think "WHAT?! SURE DAMN EX!" Well, I don't deny that it is relatively more pricey compared to other bags, but come to think of the long term usage, it's kinda worth it.

For me, I've always loved Fred Perry's bags due to their unique design, at least in my opinion. Some may say that it is now an ah beng brand, but come on, it's who that carries it that matters, Not the item. Remember, we are the one wearing the item, not the other way round. So personal character and style is more important.

I happily got this Navy Holdall sling/shoulder bag! I got this at a very cheap price compared to buying it from the shop itself. Yes, I didn't get it from the stall itself because my friend told me that there was a sales going on at iluma! And it is up to 50% OFF! GOOD BUY EH!!!!

So I went there with my family and cousin, and tees are at 70% off and all other items which include shoes, bags, hats etc are all at 50% off! This bag costs originally at $149, madness! I will not buy it if its at it's original price (cheapo max!). But it was like 50% off so it's around $74.50, so I thought it was a good deal and it looks like it will last long, so why not?

And I was very lucky because that was the only bag that looks decent right there. I walked around the shop for quite a while with the bag in my hand, wondering if I should get it and a lot of others are aiming for me to release it back onto the shelves. Glad I didn't, if not sure regret!

When I got to the counter, the cashier told me if I use POSB card got further discount! So I quickly took it out and paid using it! Guess what?! The bag suddenly become only $60, cheaper than it's discounted price!!! GOSH! DAMN HAPPY!!! Bringing it around everyday!!! Good for casual, school or formal events eh!

I am not sure if it will still be there though but you might wanna ask around or check it out during the weekends? Yups ^^

The last item is actually this Fred Perry A4 sized folder! Conan, Calvin and I all got this! Hee hee. You must be thinking that we are crazy to go buy a Fred Perry folder! But if I were to tell you the price, you sure go grab it one!

But before that, just look at how colorful the interior is!!! It's divided into many compartments as well!!! Practical for usage and especially for students like us, who has many notes etc. Sometimes we wanna go easy with our stuffs when heading out, this folder can hold your stuffs for sure!

It looks fashionable yet practical at the same time!!!!

And time to reveal the price! IT IS ONLY $19.90!!!!! And yups, we didn't get this from the Fred Perry shop itself too! If you are a constant consumer of Kinokuniya or loves Japanese magazines, you will actually realise that they have lots of Japanese magazines, which comes with complement items!!!

And coincidentally, this magazine which we chanced upon, is only $19.90 and it comes with this Fred Perry folder!!! It looks very good and the material is not that bad too! If you wanna get it, just take a look at the picture above, that's how the magazine looks like! Go get it at any Kinokuniya outlets now!!!

So this are actually just some simple and good buys which I've got recently! Bet that's gonna be my last retail therapy as most of my upcoming days and weeks will be committed to A Levels!!! Just gotta hang in there for one last month and I'll be a free bird!! Hope to update here soon too!!!

So, share with all of us some of your favorite buys this October and it will definitely be a PLUS point should the be cheap yet good :p HAHA cheapo max! BYE! Love you all!

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