Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Giveaway Results!!!

Hi everyone! First of all, I would love to thanks every single one of you who had participated in my giveaway contest, and spreading the words for me! I appreciate it a lot and am gladly touched!

Now I am going to announce the results RIGHT HERE NOW! Congratulations to the winners! However, those who did not win anything this time round, do not worry, because there will be more upcoming giveaway!

And the next one is most probably be on accessories! And next time round, I am going to purchase more to give away :] So do look out for it! So here is the results for the individual giveaway!

Winner of the GREEN LED BOARD:

Winner of the YELLOW LED BOARD:

Winner of the PINK LED BOARD:

Winner of the PURPLE LED BOARD:

Winner of the Hello Kitty Pouch:

Winner of the Candy Doll Inspired Pouch:

Winner of Dolly Wink Inspired Pouch:

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all winners!!! Do kindly e-mail your preferred day of meeting so that I can arrange to pass you your giveaway :] E-mail me at ! Thanks people!!

Do look up for my next giveaway video! And in the meantime, do support my blog and YouTube videos! Arigato!!!

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