Saturday, October 22, 2011

Food Tasting Session At Fish&Co.

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So, I was invited to a food tasting session with 5 other Bloggers at Fish&Co. on Friday! I was pretty excited about the food tasting session basically because I heard that they are coming out with new menus and surprisingly, they are including chicken in their new menu!

Yes, you see it, they are including chicken in their meals!

But before that, Fish&Co. would like to present to the students out there their student meal, which are priced at affordable price of $6.95 nett! And it also comes along with a FREE drink!! You can choose to get hot beverages such as tea or coffee, coke/sprite, and not forgetting their all time hot favourite, Cola Tonic or Passion Fruit!

So, if you were to look carefully at the menu right above, you can actually spot some new interesting dishes that is included in the new student's meal menu! Some examples will include Chicken Burger and Chips, Sea Dog as well as Fried Boneless Chicken & Chips!

The main focus of the day will be on the dishes that highlights chicken as the main staple. And to be honest, I was looking forward to tasting hem because Fish&Co. has always been focusing on handling seafood products and no doubt, it is mad delicious! However, when it comes to chicken...Hmmmm.... Just can't wait to taste it!

But before that, Fish&Co. would also like to introduce this Student Loyalty Card to all of the lovely students out there! This student loyalty card will be issued to all the students who dine there!

What's awesome about this Student Loyalty Card is that, for every dish we order as stated at the back of the card, we will get a stamp. What we have to do is to collect all 6 of them, and we can get a free set of it for free during our seventh visit there! AWESOME!!!

However, all student meals and the Student Loyalty Card programme is only available in 3 outlets, mainly, at NEX, Jurong Point and Clementi Mall!

Besides the student meal, Fish&Co. also like to target towards the working adults as well! Lunch being served in set meals too!!! And by just topping up $1, as you can see from the above picture, you get to change your salad that comes along with the meal to the soup of the day!

And now, they have extended this offer time period to 5pm everyday!!! So you can also have your brunch there as well!

In the above are the two top favorite drinks which we've ordered! From left to right, Cola Tonic and Passion Fruit!!!

We were served the soup of the day which was the Mushroom Soup. And I totally LOVE this soup! Because it tastes different from the normal mushroom soup we taste outside! For this one, the mushroom is prepared in such a manner that there are chunks of mushroom bits in the soup, thus adding lots of texture and taste to the whole presentation! Thumbs up!

This is the salad that comes along with all the meals in the Happy Lunching Menu! We were told that Fish&Co. has tried to prepare the salad in such a way that they try not to make it sour such that it is more well accepted by the mass.

However, I feedback to them that it would actually be better for them to make it slightly sour such that it opens up the appetite of the consumer.

This is the all time classic top favorite which is the Captain's Hook! Namely, the fish and chips! Of course, there is definitely NO DOUBT in the taste of it!!! This is like their star selling dish! What can be wrong about it right?! HAHA!

Now this is the interesting one! It is actually the Fried Boneless Chicken and Chips, and the part that is being used in this dish is actually the thigh of the chicken. Personally, I feel that the thigh is being used because it is much more meaty and the texture is much more easier to accept as compared to the breast.

The taste is very good, because we can taste the crispiness of the fried skin of the chicken, yet the meat is very tender and juicy in some sense! As such there is like different texture in just that simple piece of meat. Crispy on the exterior and tender and soft on the inside!

From the Happy Lunching Menu, we also chose the seafood platter for 1 to fill our tummy! I totally love the fried calamari and the grilled fish, all being dressed with the lemon butter sauce!!! Yums yums!!!! This is a DIE DIE MUST TRY DISH!

I must say that this is an interesting dish, Sea Dog! I bet all of us have heard o hot dog before, but what about sea dog? Basically, this works on the concept of hotdog bun! Just like the hotdog bun, it is served with the hotog bun, but instead of using hotdog, Fish&Co. was creative enough to use the fish and chips!

On top of that, the taste of the fish was relatively spicy due to the spices that was being stuffed within! As such, it has such refreshing taste and being a fan of hot stuffs, I totally adore the dish!!!

Another chicken dish that was served was the Grilled Chicken served with Peri Peri Sauce! The Peri Peri sauce taste somewhat like the sambal chilli which we normally eat, just that it also tasted a bit sweet like the thai chilli sauce! And being dressed over the grilled chicken, it's quite a yummy combination!

However, I feel that the grilled chicken wasn't done to the best of their ability because it was very hard for us to slice the chicken and the texture tasted quite rough, making it rather difficult to chew as well.

Then, we also managed to try the Chicken Burger! The chicken here actually tasted much better as compared to the grilled chicken from the precious dish! The chicken used here actually has a smooth texture, almost the same as the terriyaki chicken that we eat in Japanese restaurant. Thus, making the whole burger very delicious and appetising!

Of course after all those heavy meals that we have, we must definitely end off with some desserts!!! YUMMY YUMMY! The one in the above is actually strawberry flavored! I do not really know how to put across it, it tasted somewhat like pudding yet it has a much more solid crunch to it. Overall, I would rate it 3/5!

And just in case you guys are wondering "WAH! Such nice food and all, but I cannot go because my friends are muslims or I am a muslim myself... :(" HEY! No more worries! Because, Fish&Co. has recently been Halal Certified because they no longer sell alcoholic products! And of course, all along they've not been serving pork!


Also, Fish&Co. has come up with a list of mocktails which tastes similar to the real actual deal, yet no alcohol was being used in the process of preparing them! So, we were lucky enough to get to taste some of them! The one above is Orange Rainbow, despite the name, I actually feel that it tasted more like mango instead :p

Also, I feel that it tasted too sweet for a mocktail, thus it's not very thirst quenching.
And below are some of the other mocktails which we've tried too!

So do head down to the Fish&Co. outlets in NEX, Jurong Point or Clementi Mall now to try out their new student meal promotion deal!!!! If not, you can also bring along your family to try out their Happy Lunching menu too! It's definitely worth the price, and you can get to try out their new dishes with chicken as well!

What's more?! Bring your Muslims friends down soon! It's time for them to have some tasty and yummylicious fish and chips to fill their stomach!! So enjoy your meal!!!

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