Friday, October 14, 2011

HTC Regional Media Launch Event

Last week, I was glad to attend the HTC Regional Media Launch, where HTC announced the launch of four of their new new Smartphones! The event was held in the ballroom of Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom!

As shown in the picture above, are the four new Smartphones that were launched by HTC! From the left: HTC Radar, a new Windows Phone working on OS 7.5 (Mango), HTC Rhyme, HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio and the HTC Explorer, which is only available in India and not Singapore.

So, I shall make a short introduction of the few phones that were being introduced to us that day!

The first phone that was introduced to us was the HTC Rhyme! This phone is actually specifically designed to target at the ladies in the market! Everyone is looking for overall appearance nowadays and the HTC Rhyme is designed with such elegance that it makes the individual much more attractive.

With a light weight of only 130 grams, coupled with the 3.7-inch touch screen and working on the Android with HTC Sense operating system, this is indeed the phone which all ladies should get their hands on!

What's more interesting about this phone, making it MUCH MORE attractive, will be the accessories that goes along with it! Look at the image above, tangled wires and earpieces have always been a hassle for us all. And it actually becomes an irritant when we are in a rush.

As such, the HTC Design team was so creative enough, to come up with a tangle free headset, such that the ladies no longer need to frown over tangled headsets anymore! Less trouble, less frowning and more beauty!

Next up, looking at how irritating it is for us to find a handphone in a lady's handbag? There are simply far too many stuffs that are packed in a lady's bag! As such, whenever the phone rings, it is a hassle for them to search for their phones, as they have to go through the whole bag to look for it!

Once again, the design team WOW-ed me with this creative and elegant looking invention of theirs!

The creative invention is the glowing cube right above! It is actually a charm, which can be used to connect to the phone, and it will alert you on youe calls or messages, such that you'll never miss any of them!

What's more? If you can't find your phone, all you have to do is to pull the wire connected to it and your phone can be pulled out from the mess in your bag! It is so sturdy that it doesn't break off easily! Amazed? I definitely am!

The HTC Rhyme also comes with a docking station that can blast your music round the whole docking station, allowing you to enjoy much higher satisfaction when blasting your music at home!

Also, it can also be used as a wireless music player via Bluetooth connectivity! This means that you still can blast your music in your house, when you remove your phone from the docking station! It also acts like a great alarm cclock alert, and your favourite apps could still be used when the phone is placed on the docking station!

The new highlight of the HTC Launch is the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio! Yes, this fantastic phone is bundled together with exclusive custom made Beats headset, which allows you to enjoy clearer vocals and audio tracks, and a fuller bass that leaves you immersed in your music world!

Take a look at the artistes that are using Beats headsets!

Be it in terms of the audio or appearance, HTC has indeed made this new HTC Sensation XE a much more attractive phone of theirs!

Personally, I love the details that was being applied to the Sensation XE! Due to the addition of the Beats headset to the phone, HTC has decided to add in some red to the phone's details, making the whole phone much more elegant in terms of design! Just look how well the red and black goes well together!

Apart from the improvements made in audio and appearance, with the enhanced HTC Sense 3.0, there is a new instant capture camera feature! The moment, we press the shoot button, the same moment the photo will be captured, with no dely, Each time, every time. As such, you will never miss any precious moments that should be captured down!

That's why HTC says:

The HTC Radar works on the Windows Phone OS 7.7 (Mango) operating system. It is light, weighing only 137 grams, with a 3.8-inch touch screen with 480 x 800 WVGA display. The highlight of this phone will be the camera features.

With the 5 megapixel rear camera with F2.2 lens and LED flash, we can capture beautiful pictures instantly, Also, there is the BSI sensor, for better low-light captures! There is also HD video recording with up to 720p resolution!

The last phone that was launched during the media launch event was the HTC Explorer, being made only available in India.

For more information of their upcoming new phones, do visit their webiste at or their facebook page at

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