Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photography with HOLGA 135BC

In the pass, we used to equip ourselves with film loaded cameras or those instant ones as well. As technology start to advance, we start to use digital cameras, and then came SLRs and DSLRs too!

Well, now HOLGAs are becoming much more popular among the youngsters nowadays! So, I manage to get myself this Limited Edition of the HOLGA 135BC series of Holga! It's so colorful and chio looking! Love it to the max!

It even comes with a lens cap :p HAHA!

One thing I love about these holgas which requires us to use rolls of films will be that, the pictures that are taken and captured will remain as a mystery, till we developed them out! And each time, we will actually have different surprises awaiting us! That's simply a fascinating experience!

My first few shots were taken from my grandmother's house area, and some of the pictures developed were slightly overexposed because I didn't really wind the whole film properly before opening the lid ya..but they still look good to me though ^.^

Even with a Holga, I never forget to try to camwhore! And amazingly, it looks not bad eh O.O

When doing research on Holgas, I remember coming across this term known as MX, which is also known as Multiple Exposure, if I am not wrong. Traditionally, people will shooot once, and wind the film before taking the next shot. However, some creative peeps actually realised that we can do multiple exposure by clicking the button more than once per frame!

This will actually result in photos that will have multiple exposures, like a collage of photos with different transparency! And this actually results in very nicely taken photos! My first roll of film was actually used to experiment on MX! Check those photos out!

Photos below are taken along the busy road of Orchard Road as well as the rooftop garden in Orchard Central!

I LOVE THIS SHOT ALOT! It's a triple exposure! And I find it to be very interesting!

What do you think?! HAHA!

Never forget the nature around us! This looks very vintage eh? HAHA!

A triple exposure of the busy roads of Orchard Road and the huge number of people!

HAHA! Conan was shooting using his Lomo too! And we were queuing for Gong Cha!

I was actually very surprised that my first roll of experimenting my Holga actually turns out to be pretty good!!! And those multiple exposure shots are well taken too, at least in my opinion! I am totally in love with my Holga even more now!

Now I am currently shooting with a roll of expired film, suitable for shooting indoors with mnimal lighting! I hope this roll of film will give me pleasant surprises too!

So what about you guys? Are you all interested now in lomography? Do show me some of your beautiful shots too by @ mentioning me on my Twitter (@BenVoda)!!! And also tell me which of the above is your favourite shot!!!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!!!

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