Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So-Yea Beancurd!

When we all talk about beancurd, I am sure that 9 out of 10 people will mentiont abou Lao Ban Tau Huay from Old Airport Road. This has indeed caused quite a commotion among the people.

I do find the texture of the new version of tau huay rather pleasing, yet I find it too sweet, for Lao Ban's tau huay. So, that day my friend, Miyo, invited a few friends of mine and I to a food tasting session at her newly opened stall at Downtown East!

And she is selling....Tau Huay too!!!! So excited while I was heading down!

Yup, this is their cute logo!!! Damn kawaiiiiii!!!

Alright, so when we all arrived at the shop, Miyo made a brief introduction to us! She told us that her shop's main attraction will be the Beancurd In A Cup! Yes, IN A CUP! I bet that many of you have not heard of eating tau huay from a cup right?! This is indeed something very new to me!

She explained to us the hassle and boring-ness of eating from a bowl. So, she has decided to modernize this aspect so as to attract more youngsters! So, we were presented with tau huay in cups in front of us!

The beancurds are available in 4 flavours (from the furthest to the nearest):
Almond, Matcha, Chocolate and Original

It is indeed very cute of Miyo to think of serving beancurds in cups! On top of that, what's very attractive of her beancurds will be that, they are made from organic beans, which adds more nutrition values to the serving!

I ordered the Matcha flavoured beancurd for myself!

I've ate almond flavoured and strawberry flavoured beancurd before but never Matcha flavoured! According to Miyo, this Matcha flavoured beancurd is a daring creation of hers because it might not be very well accepted by the mass. However, I really LOVE it a lot!

It tasted heavenly because the beancurd taste and texture is still there, yet you can taste the matcha scent as well! And according to the beautiful boss, matcha is the Japanese Green Tea which is a product from Japan and they used it to make their beancurd! Thumbs up for it!

Personally, I will recommend you guys and girls to try out the matcha flavoured one!

Also, eating beancurd from a cup and straw is definitely much more fun and amusing! Look at the photo above, you must be wondering what's those polka dots there! Basically, I just poked a few holes using the straw!

But, what's really amusing will be that, you poke your straw into any one of the holes using a straw, and try sucking it! Enjoy the magic after that and amuse yourself and all those around you! HAHA!

On top of that, SoYea's beancurd also allows their consumers to add topppings to their tau huay as well! There are a variety of toppings which we all can choose from! The one above is original beancurd with grass jelly! Yum yum! Just like the traditional soy bean drink with grass jelly!

And below we have the range of toppings that we can enjoy to go along with our beancurds!

I love Nata de Coco and Aloe Vera the most!

Before we left, Miyo was such a nice host to let us bring back with us 4 packets of beancurds!!

HAHA XD Even Conan's Duckie loves it!

A picture with the beautiful lady boss, Miyo!

And not forgetting the elegant lady who sat beside me, Ying Zi!

Obviously as Bloggers, we will never forget taking group photo at end of event!

I really recommend you guys to head down and try some So-Yea beancurds! Because, the texture is the same as Lao Ban's however, it does not taste as sweet, thus I feel that it is a healthier choice for the mass!

So head down and try! Other than the nice beancurds, there are also nice soy bean drinks! Whta's more? You get to see the beautiful lady boss too! HAHA!

Here is the location of So-Yea beancurd! Head down now today with your family and friends!

It is located at:
1 Pasir Ris Close #01-18
Singapore 519599

Basically, it is just along Wild Wild Wet that row and before the entrance of Costa Sands Resorts!

And do visit their official website and facebook page!

Do support them!!! GOGOGO!!

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