Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Tastings Room

Few days back, I was glad to be invited by Calvin to attend a ood tasting session at this restaurant called, The Tastings Room. As introduced by Calvin, I was told that this restaurant is kinda special because for every single dish on the menu itself, they will introduce the different types of wine that actually complements with the dish. So, it's kinda interesting as I browsed through the menu and saw the carious types of wine being introduced.

Basically, we were there to try out their new menu, which is the brunch menu! Many of us often skipped breakfast and go straight to lunch, and this new menu might actually open up to you guys because they are affordable, even for students like me, yet they serve quality food with good presentation!

So, the first dish that was being served on the table was the truffle fries! They do not actually use authentic truffles, but rather work some way out by creating the same taste by just using truffle oil and truffle salt to prepare the dish. And I can assure you that they taste so heavenly and addictive that I kept on nomming non-stop!!! OMG! This is a MUST TRY appetiser!

And going along with it are the tartar sauce and their own unique tomato sauce which tasted a bit sour yet appetising!

This is definitely my TOP FAVORITE salad on Earth right now!!! This is their tomato salad! And it's very very sweet tasting with a tinge of sourness within. As you can see from the above picture, the presentation is all prepared very delicately, thus attracting consumers like me, to want to eat it! You gotta try this dish out yourself before you know, what is true salad!!! At least in my own opinion :D

Next, we tried out their brunch menu and this is the Egg Royale!

This dish is basically smoked salmon wrapped poached eggs and with generous blanket of chives smooth hpllandaise. Man, this is the first time I ate such a dish and it tasted heavenly too!!! Omg, this restaurant does serve good food people!

Within the smoked salmon, it's actually a poached egg, somewhat like those half boil eggs we eat usually. So when we take the first bite, the egg yolk will actually flow out. For me, I don't really like egg yolk taste, however I am surprised that I adore the flavor of the egg yolk here! I guess its the hollandaise dressing that actually covers up the smell of the egg yolk.

This is definitely a good brunch dish for us!

The next somewhat similar dish as the previous is the Poached Eggs In Red Wine Hollandaise!

For this dish, the egg is poached in falvourful concoction of red wine, veal broth and herbs. It is also served with crispy bacon as well! I am definitely a bacon lover, no doubt about that! And the hollandaise here is indeed tasty as well! However, personally I don't feel that the bacon fits into the dish here because it seems as though they are two seperate items when they are mean to be served together as one. Other than that, it taste wonderful!

This upcoming dishis definitely worth the money for you guys!!! It is the Ribeye Minutes Steak Club Sandwhich! The above picture is the actual serving of the whole dish and it costs under $20!

The sandwhich consists of quick seared minutes steak, sunny side up, bacon, cheddar cheese tomato as well as lettuce! And it is also served with the truffle fries! As you can see that the serving is very big, this could actually be a dish ordered and share between two! I love the steak because it is very tender and it is very juicy too!

With the cheddar cheese that's in between, the whole combination simply melts in your mouth! So, you have to try this as well! Maybe just that the whole sandwhich is too big such that we have to eat layers by layers, which might actually disrupt the intention of having everything at each mouth. But other than that, it taste yummy!

After all the heavy meal, we were served something that's lighter in terms of the serving, yet rich in flavor! It is the Quesadilla with choice of Smoked Salmon, "Sous Vide" Chicken or Mushroom, and we chose the one with mushroom!

In between the skin of the dish, we can see that there are mushroom stuffings, with mozerella cheese, tomato sauce as well as jalapeno! I think that this will b a great choice for ladies who want to have some light lunch yet rich in taste. The mushroom actually release some aroma which kinda lingers around the nose while we consume the food.

The mushroom taste isn't very strong to the extent in which it turns people off but rather it's the lingering aroma that hooks your appetite! Thumbs up!

This next dish is a very creative and unique creation of the restaurant! It is the Mushroom "Sous Vide" Chicken Breast with Mushroom Brown Rice.

On one look, it actually looks like just a simple dish with nothing special. If you realise, the name of this dish actually mentioned Chicken Breast, however it is being prepared in such a way that it does NOT taste like the texture of chicken breast but rather, it tasted like chicken thigh! That's simply amazing, because it tasted just like how chicken thigh will be like!

Smooth texture and does not have the rough texture, which makes it difficult for some people to chew one. It's simply amazing! And because nowadays, people are more into healthier choice of food, The Tastings Room has chosen brown rice to go along with it.

However, I feel that despite the fact that the dish is being prepared in a very unique manner, but brown rice might not actually be well accepted by the mass due to the difference in terms of the taste as well as the texture of the rice as it is very grainy. Also, it is kinda mushroom overload because the brown rice is being served with mushroom, and the chicken is the same as well. So, maybe lesser usage of mushroom will be better. And maybe mixed brown rice will be more well accepted in my own opinion.

Of course, ending off with some desserts and a pot of hot tea will be great which will aid in digestion too.

The one above is the Vanilla Creme Brulee! Many people might think that it is very hard for them to accept the strong vanilla taste however I find it to be otherwise in the one being served to us. The milky taste is not overwhelming as such I feel that it should be well accepted by the public too!

This is the Pan Cake with Berries~ The pancakes are home made and served hot with creme, mixed berries and maple syrup! Calvin and I both agree that the maple syrup tasted different and not that sweet. And I personally feel that the pancakes actually are very nice! They are so soft and it is much more filling as you can see from the size of each slice.

Yummy yummy, it's gonna be very sweet for a couple or two person to share this after a meal!

Lastly, we ended off the whole food tasting session with a pot of hot fragrance tea.

It was such a great pleasure to be able to go there to have a food tasting session! The environment was very nice, we chose the seat outside the restaurant as there wasn't any crowd at all. Thus, it's actually very relaxing and for a brunch, with the greenery and environment just right in front of us, it's definitely the best choice!

So do head down now to The Tastings Rooms

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Tel: 6338 1829

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