Saturday, November 26, 2011

After As Destress!

Oh yes! Yesterday was like the last paper of my A Levels! Although one more MCQ for Chemistry next Tuesday, but I mean at least no need to study like mad as compared to those essays etc, right? HAHA!

So obviously, after the paper of course needa celebrate right?! HAHA! So I went out to relax myself! Damn stress lo the pass few weeks! Everyday sleep like less than 2 hours! MADNESS. And I seriously think that A Levels results will NOT be desirable AT ALL. Seriously. Bad feeling about it! But at least I tried my best, so I guessed, no regrets bah!

Below are some pictures of the yummy food I treat my stomach with and 2 pieces of my nice nice clothes! Hee hee!

Calvin brought me to this nice place call, V8 Cafe in Bugis Junction to have our dinner! WOW! The place was mad crowded man! HAHA. And the food was really nice, what's more?! People are actually willing to queue like mad outside the cafe to wait for seats! That's how nice it is! So, you guys definitely have to go and try it!

This is the soup we had for ordering our food. We didn't know what soup is it but I guess it is chicken bah. LOL!

HAHA! My all time favorite IBC Rootbeer!!! Second appearance on my Blog! Hee hee.

I ordered the Aglio Olio! AND YUMS YUMS!!! It's really really VERY VERY TASTY! You all should know that Aglio Olio is prepared by mixing the pasta with garlic right? So basically it's very much of a simple dish, yet is tasted so nice!
This one which I ate yesterday was very nice as the fragrant of the garlic was lingering at my nose and when I eat it, WAHHHHH~ Kinda heaven siol. HAHA! Die die must try, not advertising for them but I really love it!

Before that, Calvin and I was at town. So, we brought our H&M Gift Card and went shopping! Hee hee! And I finally bought the leather jacket that I've always been eyeing! HIAK HIAK!

The material is very nice and I think that it's really suitable to wear in this Humid weather of Singapore's!

Then I also bought the very first piece of my PRAISES tee at Cineleisure! You know what?! Because it's on 50% off haha! You all should really go get them! The material is very good and the design is very nice too, simple and nice!

So, this is the piece which I've bought! Me love polka dots and blue! HAHA!

No image liao! HAHA!

So, that's all for my day yesterday! I was really relaxing myself! And congratulations to those winners of my November Giveaway! And sorry to those who didn't win! I hope you guys will have better luck soon! My next giveaway will be on Christmas Season, so do look out for my youtube channel at: and do subscribe and supprt!

And if there is any blogshops who are willing to sponsor me any clothes or accessories, kindly drop me an Email to ! I will appreciate it and will help to advertise for free! Thanks a lot!

Till then, people! MUACKS!

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  1. BEN VODA!!! I love your blog and your sense of humor. Good style as well. I feel so destressed after reading it. I will subscribe to your you tube as well.