Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dinner With KPKB!!!!

Right after school, Leronn, the Tiny Little Star called me and aske dme to go to Bugis to find him, Rachell and Kiyomi (the KPKB members)! So.....I did went there. HAHA. So happening, right after school, reach home, and chiong out. HAHA!

We shopped around Bugis Street, joked and fooled around! And I am the little boy in a tall body and Lervonn is the act cool guy in a small body! LOL! Then we went to Billy Bombers after buying the fried mushrooms which Lervonn wanted to eat all the while! HAHA!

Aiya, just slot in a photo of myself in Billy Bombers, because Kiyomi and Rachell also camwhoring mah, then why not? HAHA! Go out with others who dare to camwhore is cool! No need be shy :p

Because Rachell and Kiyomi wants to find a location to film their second episode of #YUDK (Why You Don't Know?!) and then coincidentally, Billy Bombers has nice environment and it's not crowded! WUAHAHAHA!

And we brought in our I Love Taimei food inside :p And we damn cheapo! We initially planned to just order ONE item for us 5 person and just sit down and film and camp there! HAHA. But of course NEVER do so la! Damn pai seh one leh, LOL!

Nice nice milk tea!!!!!!!!

  Look at the two twins sitting together! Lervon looked so tired tonight la! But now he at chalet, LOL!

Lervon wanted to take a "In Club" photo and this is the pose Rachell taught us! Standard pose for those club photos! HAHA!
We ordered 3 dishes and here they are (don't drool arh!):

Spicy NaZhous (HAHA! Inside joke!) introduced by the Tiny Little Star, Lervon! DAMN YUMMY LO!

Fried calamari rings!!!! Hee hee!

And this our buffalo wings!

 Buffalo wings are supposed to be like spicy right? And we chose the suicidal level leh! At first when it was served, we smell only, we all go like "SIAO LIAO! SURE DIE ONE!" But then hor, when we eat, we all go: -________-"

NOT SPICY AT ALL LORH! Instead, it's sour la! And we named it sourcidal! LOL!

I look damn freaking fat in this photo, so just changed it to greyscale. LOL, black makes you look slimmer right? HAHA!

Fake spicyness. LOL! I think those are tomatos or lemon flakes instead! SO SOUR and NOT spicy!

Quoted by Kiyomi "Eat buffalo wings, we will look like chicken flapping wings!" True story, just look at her arms. LOL!

After eating, the two hardcore hardworking blggers, Rachell and Kiyomi, start to prepare to shot for their #YUDK video! And here.....we see the violent ciao zha bor (fierce girl) side of Kiyomi O.O

She is trying to force out the lens from the fake specs! LOL!
And see next picture you'll see her violent side......

RUN PEOPLE!!!!! SHE IS TRYING TO KILL THE SPECS! LOL! I swear she damn violent!

Then the whole filming process starts and Lervon, Jody and I become the audience automatically, watching them film! HAHA! but at the later part, we become part of it! Don't tell you guys so much! Just stay tuned to thier blogs okay?! HAHA!

And below are some photos of the filming process!

And because Kiyomi and Rachell feels that their fringe looks weird and because of the low angle of the camera, they look kinda fat. Got meh? But anyway, so Kiyomi used her laptop to film instead towards the back! HAHA!

It was damn funny! Because when she took out the laptop to film, it was already 10pm and Billy Bombers was already closing! So the whole shooting process become very nerve-wrecking because we all trying to film finish the whole thing as fast as possible.

Know why? The staffs are standing like behind us and STARING at us because we were the only table left behind! HAHA! But the video turned out to be much better because we were rushing and everything seems so funny! So do keep a lookout for the second episode of Why You Don't Know?!

Love my #KPKB family so much!!! Looks forward to our project towards end of year okay?!

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