Thursday, November 10, 2011

♥ Family Bonding Shoot ♥

This space actually seems a little bit dead by now...haha. Not that I have nothing to blog about, in fact, I have lots of things that I want to share with you guys! Just really hope that A Levels quickly pass!

Blah blah blah, so I got a ringlight (okay, this is like so old news liao) so when my cousin came over to my house 2 weeks back, we had an impromtu shoot with the new toy. And amazingly, our family took part being part of it also. HAHA. So basically, this post is just about some shameless camwhore pictures of ourselves, but CHIO ones ^^

Don't worry guys, my friends and I have already organised an outdoor shooting session, so you won't be seeing pictures of just boring white or grey backgrounds for much longer. Haha, endure a bit bah! And there's also the giveaway and the comeback stage for Mr. Pomelo and MANY MORE! So, do stay tune!

Here are the pictures. And I find the very heartwarming and nice, Thanks. HAHA

These photos are taken in my room, and on my bed, with my wonderful plushies who accompany me throughout the night on my bed, only to be at risk of getting kicked off the bed in the middle of the night. HAHA!
The doggy plushie that I'm holding on to is only $1 and I caught it in the arcade thanks to Gene!

So we had enough of *ahem* bed shots (LOL!) so, we went around my house to look for props to continue with our shoot..and here is a weird scenario.....We actually pretended that we got engaged! But turned out the photo not bad worh~
Anyway, the bouquet of bear and roses made from towels is from my dad to my mum. Not anyone to me ok? Tsk, people give me flowers I'll be happy boi :D

And then we kinda moved on to a slightly more artistic way of shoot. The craziness within the artistic side of us. Don't judge us worh, we are just being ourselves :p

( not long enough for any crazy shoots...bleh...)
Act one XiaoShuai and XiaoChio or you wanna think so also can la. WUAHAHA!

And while browsing through all the photos we took, it kinda dawned on me that. It really doesn't really matter THAT much like which camera we use? Sometimes, it's all about lightings etc. No doubt, I am using a SLR, but these are the type of relatively god quality photos, no?

If you own a DSLR, good for you because you all get to experiment far much more than me. But, that is IF you really do know how to use it and stuff. Getting a DSLR just to defeats the purpose, ya? Ok, I starting to sound bitchy, Oops.

So, let's continue....

This photo can be used as those movie thriller kinda thing, ya ya ya?! YES, you MUST agree!
Can NEVER pull off this kinda looks..Sad me...
And last of all, I love the last photo we took for the day, a family portrait after SOOOOOOOOOO long since the last one! And since I got a ringlight, and was shooting away, might as well just do it too ^^

Gonna develop this photo out and frame it in my room! Yups yups!

So love you guys! Thanks for tolerating this kinda lazy Blogger here! HAHA.

Anyway, recently I've created a FaceBook Page for myself, so do head down there and just help me to "LIKE" the page? Ya la ya la, I need attention can *puppy eyes* LOL that's kinda disgusting if I were to do it. Hiak hiak.

So here's the link:

Hugs and love to you guys! Take care and do wait for Mr Pomelo's comeback :p

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